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Join us for the Lunar New Year: Asian Film Valentine's Day!

11 January 2021
Song lang, dir. Leon Le, Vietnam 2018

According to the lunar calendar used in many Asian countries, the New Year will begin on February 12. Five Flavours invites you to join us for our traditional film celebration – this year in the form of four days with Asian cinema online!

The complete program of the event will be announced on January 21, 2021.

On February 11-14, we will be celebrating a double holiday, combining the beginning of the Year of the Buffalo with a Valentine's Day theme. The program includes five of the most beautiful and subversive films about love. Sensuous melodramas, fits of passion, crazy adventures of unfulfilled lovers and mismatched relationships formed against all odds – Asian cinema will help you see the romantic theme in a completely new light!

The Lunar New Year film meeting is a Five Flavours tradition, inspired by one of the most important Asian holidays celebrated throughout the continent, from China to Japan and Vietnam. This is the time when families meet, oftentimes embarking on long journeys to be together for the turn of the year and the symbolic beginning of the spring. According to the lunar horoscope, the patron of the upcoming months is the Metal Bull, symbolizing conscientiousness, stubbornness, and consistent effort.

Since in the 2021 calendar this grand celebration meets the pop-cultural phenomenon of the Valentine's Day, the film program will combine a touch of emotion with a pinch of craziness and positive energy. One of the five titles presented during the event is "Song Lang" by Leon Le, a beautifully filmed story of an impossible love, set in the world of the traditional Vietnamese opera.

Song Lang

Two worlds that should not come together. Two gazes that cannon meet. Dung is an efficient, ruthless debt collector hired by shady characters of the Saigon underworld. Linh-Phung is an actor celebrating the subtle beauty of the cai-luong opera, which is slowly sinking into oblivion. A chance meeting will marry their fates in a completely unexpected way – nostalgia enclosed in colorful sequins and the brutal world of the back streets of a big city turn out to have more in common than the two men would like to admit.

The stunning frames of Leon Le’s debut feature transport us to the 1980s, when the complex symbolic meanings of the musical theater were forced to give way to Nintendo games. Here, the opera conventions and the unique traditional music meet the exciting portrait of a metropolis on the rise. One of the highest-rated films of the 12th Five Flavours is an ambitious melodrama, bringing to mind the dim lights of the worlds of Wong Kar-wai and the sparkling lines delivered by Richard Linklater's characters.

Lunar New Year: Asian Film Valentine's Day will be held online on February 11-14.

The complete program of the event will be announced on January 21.

The films will be available to watch at piecsmakow.pl. Passes for all five films of the event cost 75 PLN and are already on sale. Single-film accesses will be available for 22 PLN starting on January 21.

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