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Morning Live Meeting: The Returns of Festival Masters

29 November 2020

Sunday morning coffee is a good time to talk about filmmakers who return to the Festival program. We have been fascinated by their style for years – now it's time to take a look at their newest works!

Among the stars of this year's Five Flavours are filmmakers familiar to the Festival audiences. Joko Anwar, the guest of 10th Five Flavours returns with two titles – the superhero "Gundala," and the horror film "Impetigore." Miwa Nishikawa, who took the viewers' hearts by storm during the 9th edition, presents her newest production "Under the Open Sky."

During the previous editions of Five Flavours, Kazuya Shiraishi's "The Blood of Wolves" and "Dawn of the Felines" have gained quite a popularity among the Festival audiences. This year, the director returns with an adaptation of a play "One Night," which received the AFA nomination for best supporting Actress. Another returning filmmaker is Pen-ek Rataneruang, author of the cult "Last Life in the Universe," "Headshot," or "Samui Song," distributed by Five Flavours.

Red Carpet

One of the directors discussed in the morning will return to us live at the evening Red Carpet. At 7 p.m., we are meeting Pen-ek Ratanaruang, the director of "Foodlore: The Caterer" which, in a way, is a sequel of "Folklore: POB" screened at the 12th Five Flavours.

Socially Sensitive Cinema. Who is the Parasite in Capitalism? – the debate of Five Flavours and "Pismo. Magazyn opinii"

Apart from a film feats, Five Flavours Film Festival is also an opportunity for insightful analyses and debates around the subjects present in the program. Together with the magazine Pismo, we invite you on Sunday, November 29, at 4 p.m. for a debate accompanying the Parasites section – the new Korean cinema will be our starting point to talk about how the film language works through the subject of social and economic inequalities. The debate will be streamed live at Five Flavours' Facebook page and on the Festival website.

Participating in the debate will be dr. Marcin Jacoby, Jędrzej Malko and Jagoda Murczyńska. The meeting will be hosted by Zuzanna Kowalczyk from Pismo – journalist, editor and culture specialist.

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