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The finish: waiting for the winner of New Asian Cinema competition

20 November 2019
"Fly Me to Saitama" (dir. Hideki Takeuchi)

After a week filled with emotions, the time has come to close the 13th edition of Five Flavours Asian Film Festival. This evening we will find out who won the New Asian Cinema competition.

"Fly me to Saitama" is a film adaptation of a manga from the 1980s which required advance creativity levels from its authors. It worked out brilliantly – various in style, full of controlled chaos and absurd humour close to Monty Python’s, the comedy about animosities between the Japanese from different regions still ensures a good laugh also to those who have no idea about the geographical subtleties of the Cherry Blossom Land.

Wednesday will begin with one of the craziest films of this year's edition, "Fly Me to Saitama" directed by Hideki Takeuchi. A visually surprising comedy about animosities between Tokyo residents and Saitama is one of the most extraordinary films in Japan: Out of Focus section.

At 6:15 p.m. we invite you to Fruit Chan's latest film, "Hollywood Hong Kong", made in 2001. It will also be the last opportunity to take part in the screening of a 35mm film during this edition of the festival.

At the same time, we also screen the film "To Live To Sing", which closes this year's New Asian Cinema competition. People's Jury is responsible for selecting the best film in the competition. Their verdict will be announced at 8:30 p.m. during the official closing ceremony of the festival. The ceremony will be accompanied by a screening of the film "Born Bone Born", a comedy full of warm humour with a picturesque Okinawa in the background.

However, fans of strong cinema can finish the festival with the South Korean film "Believer". It is a decent remake of the excellent “Drug War” by Johnny To but thanks to different points of emphasis and significant diversions from the original plot it has become quite a different story. Johnny To brought from his journey to China a dirty, rough-textured film. Lee Hae-young chose elegance and bright colours to shoot a fast-paced thriller vibrating with strong emotions. 

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