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Radio Asia goes live! December 6-9

27 November 2018

Four days with Asian music, modern sounds and traditional inspirations. This year, Radio Asia stage hosts eight unique performances.

The Festival brings out radically different music projects – from contemplative, minimalist compositions, combining the sound of acoustic instruments and subtle electronics, through ritual dances accompanied by modern music, explosively melodic jazz from Korea, and "homey" Japanese melodies, to processed field recordings and a high-octane evening dance party with Indian bhangra.

Just like last year, the concerts are accompanied by Radio Asia Academy, which includes meetings with the artists, workshops, and lectures.




Program of Radio Asia Festival:

Dec 6, 8 PM
TR Warszawa, Marszałkowska 8


Midori Hirano is a pianist, composer, and producer. Author of romantic piano melodies with a disturbing underlining layer of electronics. Her compositions are based on the combination of sounds of acoustic instruments, such as the piano, the strings, or the guitar, with an experimental mixture of contemporary, digital sounds, and subtly processed field recordings.


An encounter of a renown Japanese vibraphonist and the guru of German electronic music. Jelinek is famous for his minimalist compositions, which can be described as microhouse, glitch. Fujita is a composer and instrumentalist, constantly experimenting in search of new sounds. Their joined project is a combination of electronic textures and deep, detailed, subtle improvisations.


Dec 7, 8 PM
Pogłos, Burakowska 12


This five-man band combines traditional folk music from Punjab with Western rock chic, creating an irresistible high-energy dance mix. The sounds, beefed up by the classic rock instruments, bringing to mind dancing scenes from Bollywood movies, have charmed the audiences of numerous music festivals.


As a DJ, Indian Man serves bhangra in a new, yet traditional style, with a garage and hip hop touch. Bhangra is a music and dance style from Punjab, originally performed by farmers during Vaisakhi – a Punjabi spring celebration. Its modern version is a mix of Indian pop, elements of Western rock, and traditional music.


Dec 8, 7 PM
TR Warszawa, Marszałkowska 8


Tenniscoats are a Japanese duo made up of Saya and Takashi Ueno. Their music is a combination of folk, gentle psychedelics, and dreamy indie, which the artists like to describe as avant-pop. They are one of the most hipsterish bands of the Japanese underground scene. Their music is simple, unaffected, and genuine.


Hyunjin Bek is an artist with extremely broad interests, active in the fields of visual art, film, theater, poetry, and music. His first music project, "Uhuhboo," considered to be the most eccentric band in South Korea, gave the first ever Radio Asia concert in 2013. Now the artist is working with Kimoki Saturnballad – his wailing voice is accompanied by melancholic sounds of the piano, double bass, and saxophone.


Dec 9, 7 PM
TR Warszawa, Marszałkowska 8


The band grew out of the fascination with music accompanying Sri Lankan rituals, deepened by ethnomusicological research. The make-up of the group is highly unusual. The band includes a modern, avant-garde duo – a drummer and a clarinetist, and two dancers and singers rooted in traditional music. The clash of two musically distinct worlds gave birth to unexpected harmonies, intriguing discords, and pieces filled with disturbing energy, ecstasy and fire.


The project of Laurent Jeanneau, who has been traveling through Southeast Asia for 18 years, documenting the disappearing music traditions of ethnic minorities. Field recordings are his starting point for creating his own electronic experiments. His compositions are a set of peculiar collages, in which the traditions from various regions of Asia are filtered through the artist’s sensitivity and his subjective experiences, and interweave to create a new, contemporary statement.




Tickets: 60 PLN (one ticket for the two performances of the evening) available at radioazja.pl, Going., Empik Bilety, in Empik stores, and in TR Warszawa.
Partners: TR Warszawa, Pogłos.
Media partners: Dwójka Polskie Radio, cojestgrane24, Going., empik.bilety, Glissando, nowamuzyka.pl, Progrefonik, NN6T, POKA POKA, AMS, Fiszki Polityki.
The project is co-financed by Warsaw City Council

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