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Conflict Chronicles: Tuesday With Auteur Cinema

20 November 2018
"A Land Imagined," dir. Yeo Siew Hua

The seventh day of the Festival is comprised of a fresh look at the history of Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Singaporean neonoir and Japanese experimental projects, and a lecture devoted to old Vietnamese theaters.

Starting at 5:30 PM in the Museum of Modern Art at Pańska street 3 is a lecture by dr Joanna Wasilewska devoted to the history and development of old Vietnamese theaters. The meeting is a part of Asian Academy cycle and an addendum to the screening of Leon Le's "Song Lang."

The Tuesday screenings at Five Flavours begin at 5 PM in Kinoteka cinema, with a unique Taiwanese animation "On Happiness Road," based on an extremely personal script by the director, Sung Hsin-yin, who uses the coming-of-age story of the protagonist to talk about the history of Taiwan from 1976 on. Meanwhile, in Muranów cinema we will discover the mysteries hidden under the surface of Singapore in "A Land Imagined" by Yeo Siew Hua.

Coming up on Tuesday are more Q&A sessions with festival guests. Using parallel images of two Hong Kong uprisings, the director of "No. 1 Chung Ying Street," Derek Chiu, tells a story about his home city, constantly dependent on outside influences, without any chance for sovereignty. After the screening, Derek Chiu will meet with the audiences to elaborate on the historical and social context of the film. Meanwhile in Kinoteka cinema, a screening of a Chinese title from the competition section - "Girls Always Happy" is a story about intergenerational differences, a portrait of the any conflicts of the relationship between a mother and a daughter, living together in a tiny apartment in one of the old buildings in the center of Beijing. After the screening, the director Yang Mingming will meet with the festival audiences.

The Tuesday evening is the time for an encounter with Japanese cinema and a chance to glimpse into the deepest nooks of the protagonists' psyche and the filmmakers' untamed imagination. "Birds Without Names" by Kazuya Shiraishi from the Asian Cinerama section is a psychological drama, a tale of a young woman reliving the memories of an old sweetheart, while, at the same time, continually mentally abusing her current partner. The dark sides of human psyche. The atmosphere of "Violence Voyager" by Ujicha is even more goth and disturbing – inspired by body horror of the 1980s, this experimental animation is a masterpiece and a visual work of art. A clash of Grimm Brothers-style tales with cyborg body modifications is a strong finale of the Tuesday screenings.


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