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Glorious Ashes

Tro Tàn Rực Rỡ
dir. Bui Thac Chuyên
Vietnam, France, Singapore 2022, 117’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
Theatrical Screenings
We 15 Nov, 18:00
Kinoteka 2
Kinoteka 2
Su 19 Nov, 12:30
Kinoteka 2
Kinoteka 2
Online Availability
15 Nov, 10:00 – 3 Dec
Additional Materials
Awards and festivals
World priemiere: Tokyo International Film Festival 2022
Vietnam, France, Singapore 2022
Duration: 117’
director: Bui Thac Chuyên
screenplay: Bui Thac Chuyên, Ngoc Tú Nguyen
cinematography: K'Linh Nguyen
editing: Julie Béziau
music: An Ton That
cast: Bao Ngoc Doling Juliet, Phuong Anh Dao, Hanh Thuy Ngo Pham
producer: Thi Bich Ngoc Tran
production: An Nam Productions
language: Vietnamese
colouration: colour

Film description

Thom Rom village, the southern coast of Vietnam. The plot of "Glorious Ashes" is made up of three love stories, intertwined in the Mekong delta. We are watching the daily lives of three women over a few years, their struggles with nature, their duties, their routines. This is the place where the way of life is shaped by both patriarchal rules, and the rhythm of the river. It is not a place where a sense of fulfillment is easy to achieve. But the frustration lurking in the trembling hearts of the protagonists will have to eventually find an outlet.

Bui Thac Chuyên returns after the ten-year break (his "Adrift" was shown at the 9th Five Flavours), once again setting his story within a poetic frame, drawing from the potential of the omnipresent nature. In "Glorious Ashes," he shows a vision of interpersonal relationships whose weaknesses are illustrated by the washed-out colors dominating the Mekong delta – the protagonists are literally surrounded by ash-gray auras. The film is a cinematic poem about the burning power of love that turns into envy and resentment. In Bui's world, fate controls the protagonists' agency and clenches their throats with fervent jealousy.

Łukasz Mańkowski

Bui Thac Chuyên

Born in 1968in Hanoi. Graduated from the state Academy for Theatre and Film. He first grasped the attention of the film world in 2000, when his short film "Night Run" received the third Cinefondation award at the Cannes IFF. Currently Chuyên is one of the most esteemed Vietnamese directors, and his 2009 film "Adrift" premiered at the Venice IFF, winning the FIPRESCI award for the best film in the Orizzonti section. Made over a decade later, "Glorious Ashes" was part of the Tokio IFF's main competition.


1992 Eternal Sand (krótkie wideo)
1994 Tear Drop (wideo tv)
1998 Xam (dok.)
2000 Cuoc xe dem / Night Run (kr.m.)
2001 Hands Digging Land (dok.)
2002 The Digger (dok.)
2006 Życie w strachu / Song trong so hai / Living in Fear
2009 Dryfując / Choi voi / Adrift
2022 Niech płonie / Tro tàn ruc ro / Glorious Ashes

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