Pięć Smaków w Domu


dir. Lee Hae-young
South Korea 2023, 132’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
Theatrical Screenings
We 15 Nov, 20:30
Kinoteka 1
Kinoteka 1
Tu 21 Nov, 20:30
Kinoteka 1
Kinoteka 1
Online Availability
15 Nov, 10:00 – 3 Dec
Additional Materials
South Korea 2023
Duration: 132’
director: Lee Hae-young
screenplay: Lee Hae-young
cinematography: Ju Sung-lim
editing: Yang Jin-mo
music: Dalparan
cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Hanee, Park So-dam
producer: Park Eun-kyeong
production: The Lamp
language: Korean
colouration: colour

Film description

In 1933, Korea is under the brutal Japanese occupation. The only ray of hope is the thriving resistance, making the occupant's life miserable. Feeling threatened, the Japanese authorities gather five suspects at a secluded, elegant hotel to reveal the true identity of the elusive Phantom's, a prominent figure among the rebels. An exciting game of life and death begins, which both sides are determined to win. Will find out who Phantom really is? Or whether he exists at all?

The adaptation of a Chinese novel by Mai Jii begins like a typical costume spy movie, slowly building up the tension and skillfully misleading the viewer. Then it changes its tone and the story takes a surprising turn. Stylized and filled with plot twists, "Phantom" abandons historical accuracy, turning into a pure cinematic joyride. The real stars of "Phantom" are Park So-dam and Lee Ha-nee, and a cameo by Esom known from "Microhabitat." This is yet another example of director Lee Hae-young's ("Believer," 13th Five Flavours) collaboration with one of the best cinema composers, Dalparan.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Lee Hae-young

Born in 1973, South Korean screenwriter and director. He debuted in 2006 with a comedy drama "Like a Virgin" he wrote and directed with Lee Hae-jun. The film about a trans teen received a number of awards in Korea. Lee followed that with "Foxy Festival" (2010), a comedy about the sex life of a group of people from Seoul, a stylish horror movie "The Silenced" (2015, 10th Five Flavours), and a crime story "Believer" (2018, 13th Five Flavours).


2006 Cheonhajangsa Madonna / Like a Virgin

2010 Peseutibal / Foxy Festival

2015 Uciszone / Gyeongseong hakgyo: sarajin sonyeodeul / The Silenced

2018 Wyznawca / Dokjeon / Believer

2023 Duch / Yuryeong / Phantom

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