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15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

Chungking Express, dir. Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong 1994

This year, the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will be held in a hybrid form on November 17-29. We invite audiences from all across the country to join us at our online platform and the viewers from Warsaw – after a year's break – to the cinemas! The biggest surprise we prepared is the retrospective of Wong Kar Wai's films, shown from copies restored under the careful supervision of the master himself. What other sections will be included in the program? The faces of contemporary Burma, Taiwanese queer cinema, and the emotions of sport rivalry.

The tickets will be available after the announcement of the full program on October 26 at 4 p.m. Join us for an online live meeting!

Every year, Five Flavours presents a wide spectrum of new cinema from East and Southeast Asia. We discover new talents, look for films that are aesthetically entrancing and take up topical subjects, showcase new productions by renown masters and young filmmakers, bravely reaching for difficult subjects and sharing their personal stories. We look at the fascinating modern Asia which is developing in an unheard of pace, keeping its eyes on the future, but also looking for is roots and unique identity.

New Asian Cinema

The competition section, this year judged by an international People's Jury. Films representing a wide spectrum of new productions and fresh voices of contemporary East and Southeast Asian cinemas, titles using surprising forms and commenting on current events – including film made during the pandemic.

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Retrospective: Wong Kar Wai

A retrospective of one of the greatest masters of world cinema. Fresh, grasping, stylistically elaborate and deeply emotional films that even now, after many years, are still enchanting the audiences with their form and substance.
The retrospective includes seven of the director’s extraordinary works: from his grasping debut, flirting with the aesthetic of the best action cinema ("As Tears Go By"), through the tender portrayals of the inhabitants of the labyrinth city, pulsating with music video lights ("Chungking Express" and "Fallen Angels"), to refined, sensual masterpieces about the impossible love ("In the Mood for Love," "2046").

The screenings will be a completely new experience – the radiant beauty of the films has been restored using cutting-edge digital techniques, under the director's supervision.

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Olympic section

The 15th Five Flavours is scheduled for the time in-between two Olympic spectacles: the summer Olympics in Tokyo and the winter Olympic in Beijing. In our sports cinema section, we look at the genre which has a particularly pronounced presence in Asia. Thrilling stories about struggles with your own body, about mental strength shaped during physical training, about team rivalry and the emotions caused by successes big and small. This is the kind of cinema that shows sports competition with lots surprising of plot twists and unique protagonists whose lives have been changed by sport.

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Taiwanese Queer Cinema

In 2019, Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriages. The Taiwanese see themselves as an open, tolerant society, even though the road to where the country stands today has not been easy or clear-cut. The films presented in the section show different faces of the LGBTQI cinema – from realistic dramas to colorful, subversive spectacles, surprising with the diversity of the stories they portray and bringing attention to biographies that do not fit into the boring plot cliches.

Asian Cinerama

Renown authors, powerful stories, amazing roles. The Asian Cinerama section presents films nominated for this year's Asian Film Awards! The section is created in cooperation with Asian Film Awards Academy – the institution that sets out to promote Asian cinema and create a counterbalance for Western film awards. The section includes six titles – films by renown masters and stories that touched Asian audiences, taking up important, topical issues causing national debates.

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Burma today

Burma, which in the past decade has been undergoing the processes of democratization and development of the country, is still struggling with the aftermath of the military coup carried out by the junta in February 2021. The protests, initiated mostly by the youngest generation (inspired by similar actions of their peers in Hong Kong and Thailand), were brutally quenched by the army.

The program includes a film showcasing the growth of the Burmese cinema in the recent years, and a set of shorts produced by the Yangon Film School, headed by a Pole, Aleksandra Minkiewicz.

Special screenings

Crazy Japanese teenagers, the cruel Yakuza, and a mystical journey through Kathmandu. This year, some of the audience's favorite filmmakers return to the festival lineup! The program includes new films by Sion Sono, Kazuia Shiraishi and Khyentse Norbu.

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Festival dates and locations
  • November 17-24 – Warsaw: Kino Muranów, Kinoteka cinemas
  • November 17-29 – online, throughout Poland

There are two types of passes available:

  • Five Flavours Cinema + Online Pass (290 PLN) – includes the access to all festival screenings in the cinemas (except the Gala Opening) and the access to all festival films on the online video platform. The number of Passes is limited.
  • Five Flavours Online Pass (160 PLN) – includes the access to all festival films on the video platform. The number of Online Passes is unlimited, they will be available for purchase throughout the Festival.

The holders of the Cinema+Online Passes will have to reserve their seats for cinema screenings. The reservations will be made through a simple online system available using any computer or phone with internet access.

Buy a Festival Pass

Starting on October 26, Single Tickets for cinema screenings and Single Accesses to online films will be available for purchase.

Single Tickets and Accesses prices:

  • Gala Opening – 35 PLN
  • Single Ticket (cinema) – 25 PLN
  • Single Ticket (cinema, weekdays before 4 p.m.) – 18 PLN
  • Single Access (online) – 20 PLN

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