Lunar New Year

Asian New Year's Eve Online Passes and Tickets

Purchasing Online Event Passes
  • Pass costs 75 PLN and allows the user to watch all films in the programme.
  • The number of passes is unlimited. They will continue to be available for purchase till the last day of the event.
  • Access to the films on the Five Flavours Online platform will be limited to the territory of Poland.
  • The Pass cannot be given or made available to other users.
  • After purchasing the pass and logging into the account, the viewer can watch the films at any time. There is no views limit – the user can re-watch a film or stop it and finish watching it later, within the time frame in which the title is available.
  • The Pass holder can watch a film on only one device at any given time.
  • The payment for the Pass can be made via or via bank transfer.


Purchasing Single Film Accesses
  • Single Film Accesses cost 22 PLN and allow the user to watch one selected film.
  • After the event begins, the user can watch the film by logging into their account and opening the film page on the festival website – the film will be available to watch immediately.
  • All films are available within the dates indicated next to each film.
  • The films can only be watched on one device at any given time.
  • The films are only accessible from Poland.


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