People's Jury 2018

The 12 th edition of Five Flavours Film Festival continues the idea of People's Jury. The jury members select the best feature of the New Asian Cinema section. 

The idea of the project is simple: eleven film enthusiasts will meet during the festival in Warsaw to watch the competition films together, duscuss and choose a winner.

People's Jury of the 12th edition of the Five Flavors Film Festival:

Anna Piskorska
Jakub Wachowski
Jan Jakub Weber
Jarosław Zapart
Katarzyna Karpińska
Małgorzata Błaszczak
Marcin Zwolan
Marika Kaiser
Mateusz Marek Jeziński
Nina. Beautiful
Wojtek Gąciarz

Contact and additional information: jury@piecsmakow.pl

The idea of People's Jury is simple - 11 Asian cinema fans meet in Warsaw at this year's edition of Five Flavours (November 14-21,2018) to watch and discuss competition titles of the New Asian Cinema section and select the best film.

People's Jury is dedicated to non-professionals (such as bloggers and film students of all ages) interested in Asian cinema and culture.
Application involves a choice of two assigments - a short text (up to 1500 signs each) or a visual comment (such as a photo, a gif, an animation, a video, a video essays, etc.) on chosen scenes from any Asian film or films. The texts must be written in Polish, the jury also works mostly in Polish. However, English is needed to take part in discussions with invited guests and listen to lectures given by interenational film specialists. 

Members of People's Jury have a chance to improve their writing and editing skills, as well as widen their film horizons. All members and workshops are in Polish.
You can apply for beeing a member of People's Jury only twice.  

Additional information about the idea: jury@piecsmakow.pl

contact: info@piecsmakow.pl
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