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Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan in the competition section! 17th Five Flavours People's Jury announced

28 September 2023
Abadg Adik, dir. Jin Ong

We reveal three more competition titles! Three powerfully told stories from countries with rich film history. Three films that have already taken festivals by storm, bringing their directors the status of future masters of Asian cinema. Also announced are the members of Five Flavours' People's Jury that will judge the festival films.

A brutal, yet sweet tale about growing up in Japan, bringing to mind the early works of Hirokazu Koreeda, told in a very personal, surprisingly mature language. A purebred social drama about people fighting for their dreams at the edges of Malaysian society. A look at the native Taiwanese culture made by the first Tayal female director in history. "Amiko," "Abang Adik," and "Gaga" are a testimony to the talents and sensitivity of new directors and tell us a lot about the very imperfect reality that surrounds them. The three films will be shown at Five Flavours – in cinemas and online!


Kochira Amiko

dir. Yusuke Morii

Japan 2022, 104'

[cinema + online]

Amiko is a girl who sees the world very differently from her peers. She is rather withdrawn from reality, likes to march to the beat of her own drum, and shapes the surrounding reality according to her inner narration, often explaining it in magical terms. She can be both defiant and somehow naive, which makes her an outcast at school. Now her life is about to change – her mother is pregnant, and the family is facing serious challenges!

Yusuke Morii's film is not just another tender tale about a family. With his surprisingly mature debut, the Japanese director focuses not on the warm, loving hearth and home, but on the roots of systemic violence within the school system and toxic family ties.

Abang Adik

Fù dōu qīngnián

dir. Jin Ong

Malaysia 2023, 116'

[cinema + online]

Abang and Adik come from Pudu Pasar, one of the poorest districts of Kuala Lumpur. They spent their whole lives on the loud, narrow streets in the heart of the urban bustle. The younger brother, Adik, is a petty swindler. The deaf Abang is trying to break out of the precarious reality. One day, a tragic accident occurs, and as the brother's dreams begin to drift away, their relationship is put to a test.

"Abang Adik" is mostly a portrait of Kuala Lumpur – a gigantic cultural melting pot, seething with contrasts, colours and aromas. It is also a truly empathetic tale of listening and paying attention to other people. No wonder the film keeps receiving Audience Awards at international film festivals.


dir. Laha Mebow

Taiwan 2022, 112'

[cinema + online]

For generations, the Taiwanese Tayal have been protecting their culture from disappearing from the identity map. Their traditions are set in the Gaga, a collection of rules and beliefs setting the direction of Tayal culture – its breath, rhythm, philosophy. But the modernizing world poses a serious threat to the survival of the tradition.

Through a realist portrayal of one family, Laha Mebow pays homage to the Gaga culture without sentimentalism or excessive tenderness. The film is a rare example of ethnographic cinema that also explores the emotions of its protagonists.

People's Jury of the 17th Five Flavours

For years, the best film of the Festival has been chosen by People's Jury – nine Asian cinema enthusiasts and experts who come to Warsaw from all across Europe to watch films and participate in a series of workshops for film critics, custom-made for their needs. The jurors were chosen from among over 50 excellent entries. Congratulations!

The jurors of the 17th Five Flavours are:

  • Pelin Çılgın
  • Kanako Fujita
  • Kiki Huang
  • Jakub Iglicki
  • Magdalena Nieświec
  • Olivia Popp
  • Iga Ratajczak
  • Eliana Resnick
  • Jakub Wanat

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