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Asian Film Awards nominees at the 15th Five Flavours!

05 October 2021
Wife of a Spy, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan 2020

Renown authors, powerful stories, amazing roles. The Asian Cinerama section presents films nominated for this year's Asian Film Awards!

This year, the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will be held in a hybrid form: in Warsaw cinemas on November 17-24, and online on November 17-29.

Once again, Five Flavours Asian Film Festival presents the Asian Cinerama section, created in cooperation with Asian Film Awards Academy – the institution that sets out to promote Asian cinema and create a counterbalance for Western film awards. This year's gala will take place at the Busan International Film Festival on October 8.

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The section includes six titles – films by renown masters and stories that touched Asian audiences, taking up important, topical issues causing national debates. One of them is "Wife of a Spy" by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a stylish, tense drama set in the 1940s, nominated in five categories, including Best Film and Best Director. We will also present the Best Music nominee "The Way We Keep Dancing," which explores the Hong Kong world of hip hop and street dance against the background of the changes the metropolis has been undergoing in the past decade.

The young generation of Asian authors will be represented by the Best New Director nominee Yujiro Harumoto and his insightful drama "A Balance," which shows that truth comes in all shades of gray. The program also includes a daring debut "Silent Forest," which looks into the problem of violence in schools for children with disabilities. A heartbreaking, extremely important film which caused a great stir in the Taiwanese media.

The Way We Keep Dancing

dir. Adam Wong, Hong Kong 2020

nominated for: Best Music (Day Tai)

A continuation of the hit music film "The Way We Dance," which introduced the world to the Hong Kong hip hop and street dance scenes. An energetic group of young, talented protagonists who were fighting for their dreams and ideals in part one, in now faced with the reality of their adult lives, where creative passion is counted in dollars, and street culture is only acceptable as a showy ornament in a developer's commercial. Wong's bitter-sweet story is a unique insight into the world of the music underground and a touching portrait of a young generation whose freedom of speech and autonomy are slowly but surely being eliminated by political transformations.

Wife of a Spy

dir. Kyoshi Kurosawa, Japan 2020

nominated for: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Yu Aoi), Best Production Design (Ataka Norifumi), Best Costume Design (Valerian Spring Tee)

Japan, 1940s. Satoko is a beautiful wife of a businessman dealing in exports. They lead a comfortable, cosmopolitan life, but the dark shadows of war are looming on the horizon. The husband's work trip to Manchuria becomes a turning point for the young woman, shaking her out of her carelessness and political unawareness. This stylish, meticulously composed drama brought Kurosawa the Best Director award at the festival in Venice.

A Balance

dir. Yujiro Harumoto, Japan 2020

nominated for: Best New Director

A young documentary filmmaker is making a movie about a teacher accused of having an affair with his student. Aware of the consequences that both sides of the case, which gained a lot of media attention, have already suffered and will suffer in the future, she is trying to rebuild their trust, launching a thorough investigation into all aspects of the situation. At the same time, at the school she is teaching in, she is observing Mei, a girl clearly having problems at home. Do truth and justice have the same meaning when it comes to borderline dilemmas about strangers and our loved ones? This searching, insightful film by one of the most interesting Japanese directors of the young generation, is a story hitting many sensitive notes, exploring the relationship between the law and the public, but also between ethical duties and the need to protect yourself and the people you love.

Silent Forest

dir. Ko Chien-nien, Taiwan 2020

nominated for: Best Supporting Actor (Kim Hyun-bin), Best Newcomer (Buffy Chen)

Chang Cheng is a deaf teenager, apprehensive about starting a new school. But the first impression turns out to be very positive, and the boy's attention is snatched by a fellow student, Beibei. But it soon turns out that the school is ruled by a complex system of violence, which the adults have been ignoring for years. The film, based on a true story, has caused a national debate in Taiwan and received eight nominations for the local Golden Horse Awards.

Other films of the section will be revealed on October 26, along with the full program of the Festival!


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This year, the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will be held in a hybrid form: in Warsaw cinemas between November 17 and 24, and online between November 17 and 29.

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