Pięć Smaków w Domu
Pięć Smaków w domu

Radio Asia Soothing Songs playlist

30 December 2020

Radio Asia Soothing Songs is the perfect choice for a quiet evening or a lazy morning.

If you enjoy alternative pop, poetic ballads, folk and anti-folk compositions, you will love the soothing sounds and melodic songs performed by a selection of alternative artists from India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Nepal. Some of the musicians – Rasmee Wayrana, Jeong-Cha-sik, Night, or Hyunjin Bek – have played at the Radio Asia festival in previous years. Others, such as Venopian Solitude or Shugo Tokumaru, we are hoping to host during the upcoming editions. The playlist also includes a couple of songs by Ankur Teewari, the author of the "Gully Boy" soundtrack, whom we interviewed during the 14th Five Flavours.

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Radio Asia Festival is a music event which from 2013 brings closer the achievements of independent artists from South, East and South-East Asia. As part of Radio Asia, Warsaw's clubs and theaters have been filled with the songs of Buddhist monks and the ecstatic wailing of Korean rockers, wild songs of Chinese steppes and the moaning of a burning cello, masterpieces of minimalism and jazz stunts, synth-pop backgrounds and rebellious Thai soul. The next edition of the event is planned for December 2021.

Four Radio Asia music compilations provide unique energetic party rhythms for a New Year's Eve and soothing sounds for first January mornings! On the airwaves of Radio Asia's Spotify you can listen to danceable retro music bringing the mood of the 60s and 70s Indonesia or Japan, alternative hip-hop tracks from India, Korea and Vietnam, sweet and catchy guitar songs, as well as psychedelic and hypnotic compositions, which will take you on a journey to very distant corners of Asia. Each playlist consists of over four hours of carefully selected tracks, striking fusions of genres and surprising motifs that make you aware of how much interesting music is still to be discovered!

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