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Japan: Out of Focus - the cinema of Japanese peripheries

25 April 2019
"And Your Bird Can Sing", dir. Sho Miyake

The 13th edition of the Five Flavours Film Festival will be held on November 13-20. The subject of this year's national section will be Japan and independent cinema produced outside of large cities. It is still a fascinating Land of the Rising Sun, but its much less known face.

Japan is a country where several hundred films are made every year, and the titles created for the home market compete effectively with Hollywood blockbusters. In addition to the mass-produced romantic comedies and effective screen adaptation of animated films, independent cinema is also developing dynamically.

Japan: Out of Focus

The film section Japan: Out of Focus aims to present a new generation of artists, reaching for topics and aesthetics not represented in the mainstream, with unconventional and bold ideas of how to use genre patterns. We have selected the most interesting films of rebellious artists, who listen to the rhythm of the life of peripheral cities and look at the problems of young people or ordinary families far away from the big-city buzz. Films presented in this section give an opportunity to discover Japan far from popular pictures: they will lead the viewers to Okinawa, to the side streets of the port cities of Hokkaido, and even to the plan of low-budget production about... zombies.

We reveal the first titles.

In the "And Your Bird Can Sing" presented at this year's Berlinale, the director, Sho Miyake, presents in an engagingly honest and subtle way, the emotional triangle of young people who can not take control of their lives and are afraid of committing to serious relationships. Under the melancholic mood of this well-photographed film, there is an uneasy diagnosis of the condition of the new generation of Japanese entering the adulthood.

Produced for the sum that provides the supply of toothpicks for the entire crew on the set of ordinary film, "One Cut of the Death" by Shinichiro Ueda is a trip to a completely different region. The protagonists are the actors, giving their all on the set of the film about the epidemic of living deads and trying to meet the expectations of a difficult director. But what if this hyperactive artist disappears somewhere and the place of action - an old abandoned sewage treatment plant - will be attacked by real zombies?

The movie, of which the less you know, the greater it will be, unexpectedly for everyone became a big blockbuster hit in Japan, seen by over two million viewers. Nowadays, this extremely ingenious play with seemingly worn-out conventions, shines at world festivals, and proves that the formula of movies about living dead is still not dead (!) That love for cinema does wonders, and nervous laughter smoothly turns into a scream of horror.

Film section Japan: Out of Focus has the status of an event accompanying the anniversary celebrations granted by the Embassy of Japan in Poland, as part of the celebration of the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan.

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