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Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl

dir. Amy Goldstein
USA 2018, 89’
subtitles: Polish only

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8 Mar, 18:00 – 12 Mar
Awards and festivals
IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Los Angeles Film Festival, DOK.fest München, Sheffield Doc/Fest, ZagrebDox, DOC NYC, Cleveland International Film Festival, Krakowski Festiwal Filmowy, Soundtrack Cologne, IN-EDIT International Documentary Film Festival, Salem Film Fest
USA 2018
Duration: 89’
director: Amy Goldstein
cinematography: Amy Goldstein, Lee Jones, Mitch Arens, Nick Kane
editing: Caitlin Dixon, Troy Takaki
music: Kate Nash
sound: Anouchka van Riel
producer: Anouchka van Riel, Amy Goldstein
production: Span Productions
sales: Wide House (świat), Submarine Entertainment (USA)
language: English
colouration: colour

Film description

Kate Nash, punk renegade, TV wrestling queen (“GLOW”), and DIY leader of an all-girl band forgoes money and fame to speak out about gender inequality in the music business and to embolden other young women to find their voice. At 18, Kate Nash reached the stratosphere of pop music, vaulting from a working class family in North London into worldwide tours, a platinum record and a season dominating the music charts. A few years later, she is breaking down, nearly homeless. Defrauded by her manager and dropped by an industry that cannot find a place for her in the girl-pop machine, Kate struggles to retain her creative freedom and to remain an innovative voice in music.  A testament to the struggles and resilience of the independent artist, “Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” follows one woman into hard-won maturity as a businesswoman and a creative spirit, showing other young women that they can live - and create - on their own terms. And it asks the audience: how much longer will the true artists survive? 

Amy Goldstein

Amy Goldstein is a director, producer, and screenwriter of music videos (i.a. Rod Stewart's “Downtown Train”), television series (HBO, Fox, CBS, Showtime, MTV), feature films ("The Silencer", "Check Under the Hood", "The Hooping Life"), and web-series ("Self-Made Men” for ITVS). She directed the award-winning feature film "East of A", an edgy comedy starring Rashida Jones about an alternative family facing the challenges of raising a child with HIV. Her work has been presented at film festivals worldwide including Toronto ("Because the Dawn") and Berlin ("Commercial for Murder").

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