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Tomorrow is Another Day

Huang jin hua
Hong Kong 2017, 91’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Chan Tai-lee
screenplay: Chan Tai-lee
cinematography: Radium Cheung
editing: Nose Chan
music: Day Tai
cast: Teresa Mo, Ling Man-lung, Ray Lui
producer: Ling Ma-hoi
production: Film Development Fund of Hong Kong, Pegasus Motion Pictures, Golden Scene Company, Local Production, Stellar Mega Film
sales: Golden Scene Company
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Hong Kong Film Awards 2018 - Best Actress, Best New Performer; Asian Film Awards 2018; Shanghai IFF 2017; Hong Kong Asian FF 2017; Malaysia IFF 2018

Film description

Mr. and Mrs. Wong, middle-aged couple, takes care of 20-year-old son with autism and lives in a small apartment in public housing estate. Mr. Wong works as a driving instructor and one day he starts an affair with younger woman. His wife is utterly devastated when she is left alone with all the responsibilities and single-handedly looks after son, who is incontrolable and sometimes aggressive. Embittered Mrs. Wong starts to plan a revenge on her husband's mistress but the alternatives road to self-realisation is within reach, only if main character is able to leave past behind and move on.

Chan Tai-lee as a director and script writer, focuses on social background and everyday reality of a lower middle class in Hong Kong. He draws attention to the issue of autism, depicting the way autistic people deal with daily life and the dilemmas of closest relatives, who take care of the family member affected. Chan draws a contrast between family and neighbour community, where main characters find understanding and affection, and external world that is not able to satisfy their emotional needs. Outstanding performances from three actors starring in main roles: newcomer Ling Man-lung, Ray Lui and Teresa Mo makes "Tomorrow is Another Day" a great example of social drama film.

Maja Korbecka

Chan Tai-lee

Born in 1981 in Hong Kong, he graduated from the department of cinema and television at the Hong Kong Baptist University and then completed MA degree from Visual Culture Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Already during his masters studies he wrote a script for "Ip Man" (2008), which was a huge success and turned into a franchise, two of the sequels are also written by Chan Tai-lee. He remains a Pegasus Motion Pictures Limited principle script writer. In his directorial debut, "Tomorrow is Another Day", he gathered most oustanding actors, including Teresa Mo and Ray Lui, cult 90s Hong Kong movie stars. Currently Chan is preparing a script for "Big Brother", action film starring Donnie Yen, and the Ip Man universum spin-off, "Master Z", with special appearances from Michelle Yeoh and Tony Jaa.  

Selected filmography:

2004 Mak dau sin sang / Escape from Hong Kong Island

2008 Ip Man

2010 Ip Man 2

2013 Te shu shen fen / Special ID

2014 Xi you ji: Da nao tian gong / The Monkey King

2015 Ip Man 3

2017 Jutro jest nowy dzie / Huang jin hua / Tomorrow Is Another Day

2018 Dai si hing / Big Brother

2018 Ye Wen hui chuan: Zhang Tianzhi / Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

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