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RIP Jagoda Murczyńska
Our wonderful colleague and dearest friend with whom we shared our passion for cinema and created the Festival for almost a decade.

Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

Lovers Are Wet

Koibitotachi wa nureta
Japan 1973, 76’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Tatsumi Kumashiro
screenplay: Tatsumi Kumashiro, Yoshifumi Kamoda
cinematography: Shinsaku Himeda
music: Tetsu Oe
cast: Tetsu Oe, Rie Nakagawa, Moeko Ezawa, Koichi Hori, Chiro Kei, Kunio Shimizu, Akira Takashashi
producer: Akira Miura
production: Nikkatsu
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Film description

Katsu, an impulsive rebel, returns to his home town, hiding from yakuza. Even though the locals recognize him, he stubbornly refuses to reveal his identity and the dark secret from his past. He befriends the owner of the cinema where he starts working, and her three unusual friends. The behavior of the five of them challenges social norms. Their radical actions are balanced with austere, melancholic sea landscape, which enhances their emotional struggles.

A wild, oftentimes violent image of frustration, loneliness, and complex erotic relations, whose hypnotic frames became a part of the history of Japanese cinema. The nihilist narration and a disturbing portrait of the antihero bring to mind the poetics of the early films by Nagisa Oshima and other revolutionary filmmakers of the Japanese new wave.

One of the most renown Roman Porno titles, placed among 100 most important Japanese pictures of the 20th century by the prestigious film magazine Kinema Junpo.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Tatsumi Kumashiro

Born in 1927, died in 1995. He studied medicine, literature, and dreamed of becoming a writer. In the early 1950s, he became an assistant director in the Shochiku studio. He debuted two decades later, becoming one of the most important Japanese filmmakers of the 1970s, famous for his "wet" films (including "Woods Are Wet: Woman Hell," or "Sayuri Ichijo: Following Desire") made for the Nikkatsu studio he cooperated with for 17 years. In his work he openly ridiculed censorship and avoided trivial entertainment, taking up serious subjects, analyzing social relations and tensions between the sexes. For many years, he taught the history of western cinema and literature.

Selected filmography:

1968 A Thirsty Life / Kaburitsuki jinsei

1972 Wet Lips / Nureta kuchibiru

1974 Street of Joy / Akasen tamanoi: Nukeraremasu

1975 Wet Lust: Opening the Tulip / Nureta yokujo: Hirake! Chûrippu

1977 Painful Bliss Final Twist / Monzetsu!! Dondengaeshi

1979 A Woman with Red Hair / Akai kami no onna

1980 Path of the Beast / Shoujo shofu: Kemonomichi

1988 Love Bites Back / Kamu onna

1994  Like a Rolling Stone / Bo no kanashimi

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