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Archive - 7th Five Flavours Film Festival

UhUhBoo Project

South Korea

About the event

UhUhBoo. This Korean word meaning "fisherman" or "fisher’s father" is also a part of the name of one of the most eccentric groups on the contemporary Korean music scene.

UhUhBoo Project, known from its collaboration with Park Chan-wook and Pina Bausch, performed on November 26, 2013 in TR Warszawa, as part of the Five Flavours' music program

Uhuhboo Project - Gajog

UhUhBoo Project is an extraordinary, unclassifiable mixture of sounds, balancing between punk-cabaret aesthetics and the beginnings of Korean pop. Music is accompanied by obscure, socially and politically engaged texts, filled with complex metaphors. During the concerts, the band uses various audiovisual techniques, creating unforgettable, hypnotic performances. Since their 1994 debut, Uhuhboo released five albums. Their music appeared in several films, including Park Chan-wook's "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" and "Night Fishing", and was also used by Pina Bausch in her spectacles "Fur die Kinder von Gestern" and "Rough Cut".

UhUhBoo Project's music is simply impressive – Pina said about UhUhBoo.

UhUhBoo Project: Night Fishing

The lead singer and the founder of UhUhBoo, Baik Hyun-jin, is associated with the cult Arario gallery in Seoul. He graduated from the sculpture division of the Seoul Institute of the Arts, his works were shown in galleries in China, Great Britain, and Italy. Baik is a versatile artist who also works with film, dance theatre, poetry, and solo music projects.


Listen to UhUhBoo Project: 그해여름은나중에온다고한다

Uhuhboo Project - 그해여름은나중에온다고한다

Listen to UhUhBoo Project: 구멍난 그림자

Uhuhboo Project - 구멍난 그림자

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