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Archive - 7th Five Flavours Film Festival


Japan 2013, 71’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Ian Thomas Ash
screenplay: Ian Thomas Ash
cinematography: Ian Thomas Ash
language: Japanese, English
colouration: colour

Film description

The life in the cities close to Fukushima nuclear power plant is seemingly going back to normal: children go to schools, cleaned up from the radioactive dust, the Japanese from all over the countries support the reconstruction of agriculture, buying produce from the region. But an increasing number of children has thyroid problems. Their mothers conduct their own investigation, verifying the government’s assurances about the safety of the reason.

The American director Ian Thomas Ash found the children included in the thyroid studies program, following the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima. The documentary is made up of conversations with the children, their parents, and the employees of the prefecture.

An introduction to the current situation in Fukushima will be delivered by the author of articles on nuclear energy in Japan – Yasuhiro Igarashi.

The screening will be supplemented by a short film:

Shinobiyoru Genpatsu
Japan 2013, 33’
dir., writ.: Shinsuke Nakai
lang.: Japanese, Vietnamese



Ian Thomas Ash

American director, who has lived in Japan for the past 10 years. The author of five documentaries, awarded at festivals in Lyon, Rhode Island and Frankfurt.

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