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Archive - 8th Five Flavours Film Festival

The Good, the Bad, the Weird

Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom
South Korea 2008, 130’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Kim Jee-woon
screenplay: Kim Jee-woon, Kim Min-suk
cinematography: Lee Mo-gae, Oh Seung-chul
editing: Nam Na-young
music: Dalparan, Jang Yeong-gyu
cast: Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung
producer: Kim Jee-woon, Choi Jae-won
language: Korean, Mandarin, Japanese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Asia Pacific Screen Awards - Najlepsze zdjęcia / Achievement in Cinematography; Asian Film Awards - Najlepszy aktor drugoplanowy / Best Supporting Actor (Jung Woo-sung); Blue Dragon Awards - Najlepszy reżyser / Best Director, Najlepsze zdjęcia / Best Cinematography, Najlepsza scenografia / Best Art Direction, Nagroda publiczności / Popularity Award; Golden Bell Awards – Najlepsze kostiumy / Best Costume Design, Sitges Catalonian IFF – Najlepszy reżyser / Best Director, Najlepsze efekty specjalne / Best Special Effects

Film description

You need a lot of nerve to face Sergio Leone's 1966 masterpiece. Luckily, Kim Jee-woon, the wonder-child of Korean cinema, has not only the nerve, but also the talent. The director, beaming after the success of "A Bittersweet Life," created a grand adventure story of the rivalry between three colorful (anti)heroes traveling through Manchuria in the 1930s, looking for a great treasure. Who will get to the mark on the map first and what will he find there?

Kim adapted his script, filled with action and humor, with an exceptional visual imagination, using a dynamically led camera and a dazzling choreography of combat scenes. In case of this film, the adjective "epic" is not just an empty phrase!

Marcin Krasnowolski


Born in 1964, a leading artist of New Korean Cinema, marrying auteur ambitions with box-office success. He was noticed already with his debut, the tar-black comedy "The Quiet Family." The subsequent films show the director's strong inclination towards genre cinema: "A Tale of Two Sisters" is a horror, "A Bittersweet Life" is a gangster film, and "I Saw The Devil" is a thriller. Kim's Hollywood debut, "The Last Stand," was a commercial flop – the director plans to make his next film in his homeland.


1998 Spokojna rodzinka / Choyonghan kajok / The Quiet Family
2000 Banchikwang / The Foul King
2002 Trzy / Saam gaang / 3 Extremes II (nowela "Memories")
2003 Opowieść o dwóch siostrach / Janghwa, Hongryeon / A Tale of Two Sisters
2005 Słodko-gorzkie życie / Dalkomhan Insaeng / A Bittersweet Life
2008 Dobry, zły i zakrecony / Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom / The Good, the Bad and the Weird
2010 Ujrzałem diabła / Akmareul boatda / I Saw the Devil
2012 In-lyu-myeol-mang-bo-go-seo / Doomsday Book (nowela
"Heaven's Creation”)
2013 Likwidator / The Last Stand

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