Fresh Wave 2013

Descriptions of films

FRESH WAVE – New Hong Kong Cinema

A set of the best short films made by the youngest generation of Hong Kong filmmakers, chosen from the winners of the Fresh Wave project. The project  was implemented in 2005, with Johnnie To and Hong Kong Arts Development Council as its patrons. The proposals chosen from among the entries receive funding and expert supervision, and the completed films take part in a yearly competition - a barometer of what is new and fresh in the cinema, but also of the issues important for the new generation.

The films will be presented in the following sets:

12 XI - Kino Antropos: Zabójcy / The Killers, Pani Pong / Mrs. Pong, Winna / Guilty
14 XI - Kino Muranów: Mirari, Odszkodowanie / Reparation, Pani Pong / Mrs. Pong, Winna / Guilty, Zabójcy / The Killers
Zabójcy / The Killers, Winna / Guilty


Hongkong 2013, 21'
dir: Wong Chi-wai  writ: Wong Chi-wai, Lai Kin-sang  cin: Fung Cheuk-ting  awards: Fresh Wave – Best Script

A real estate agent nervously calls his mother who left home and got lost among the new skyscrapers. A young mother looks for her son who left school on his own. Two stories intertwined in a place which connects the past and the future, in a city which changes faster than its inhabitants.

Reparation / Odszkodowanie

Hongkong 2013, 30'

dir: Ma Man-nang  writ: Ma Man-nang  cin: Ma Man-nang  awards: Fresh Wave – Best Film Award, Special Mention; Cannes Court Métrage – Official Selection

A young man is hit by a car. His wife, who witnessed the incident, becomes hysterical and, seeing the husband's increasingly weaker signs of life, begs the driver to help her take him to the hospital. But was it really just an unfortunate accident?

Hongkong 2013, 11'
dir: Ho Cheuk-tin  writ: Ho Fung-lun  cin: Mike Mak Chi-kwan

Mrs. Pong looks like a warm-hearted housewife. But appearances can be deceitful, as a gang which breaks into her home soon finds out. At this point a story of a woman and her difficult life experiences gives way to purebred action cinema.

Hongkong 2013, 17’
dir: Wan King-fai  writ: Wan King-fai  cin: Lam Sheung-ting, Cheung Wai-yip

Chan Siu-yau is not a revolutionary from the first line of fire. She is a simple student, interested in the social issues just a little more than the others. After participating in a street manifestation, she is accused of aggressive behavior towards a police officer. The director asks questions about responsibility, conformity, real possibilities of free choice, showing the current political reality of Hong Kong.

Hongkong 2013, 28'
dir: Alan Lo Wai-lun  writ: Chan Ho-man, Pang Chi-hoi  cin: Sam Chan Chi-lap

Being a hitman is not the easiest job in the world, so sooner or later a support group where the memebers of this specific profession can unburden had to be created. But what happens if a therapy based on talking is just not enough?

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