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Radio Asia

Radio Asia is an event aiming at presenting the new music scene from South, East and South-East Asia.

The project debuted in the fall of 2013 with a concert of an avant-guard Korean group, UHUHBOO PROJECT. A year later, we presented three unique Asian musicians: Be-Being (South Korea), Hiromichi Sakamoto (Japan) and DaWangGang (China). The 2015/2016 edition consists of five concerts and film screenings. It started on December 22nd with ethnojazz and a Vietnamese duet: Nguyen Le & Ngo Hong Quang. During our next event in February we will present Maltese Rock - gypsy-folk group from Okinawa. The 2017 edition for the first time as festival, we present 5 amazing individuals: Taro Yasuno (Japan), Senyawa (Indonesia), Kande (Indonesia), Mouth & Hand Studio (South Korea) and Shapla Salique with her band (Bangladesh/UK). 


Radio Asia presents the most interesting aspects of modern Asian music. We put emphasis on presenting lesser-known phenomena, which still retain their cultural identities. We don't shy away from introducing elements characteristic for the music of the Far East, which may be unfamiliar to the Western ear. The complex rhythmic cycles, improvisation, different scales and voice emission techniques, quarter tones, disharmonies, different means of scene expression will serve to familiarize the audience with exotic beauty canons. The scene will host traditional instruments as well as the cutting-edge electronics. The modern-sounding pieces have roots in classic Far Eastern performative arts, such as the Korean pansori or the Pekin opera.

The program of Radio Asia is shaped by experimenting artists, freely breaking the music conventions, transgressing the generic boundaries. Last year, the scene hosted a mixture of avaunt-guarde, minimal, industrial, punk, rock, blues, author song, ethno, and even religious music. The 2015/2016 edition will have a slightly lighter tone. The groups invited draw from the aesthetics of jazz, reggae, ska, hip-hop, pop, folk, as well as progressive rock.

Project is co-finansed by Warsaw City Council. 

Organiser: Arteria Art Foundation

contact: info@radioazja.pl
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