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Health and sanitary regulations

Sanitary regulations of the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival during the COVID-19 epidemic.

§ 1


1. Organizer – Fundacja Sztuki Arteria, seated in Warsaw, ul. Świętokrzyska 30/68A, 00-116, Warsaw, registered in the Regiser of Associations, Social Organizations and Other Trade Foundations and public health care, and in the register of entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court of Warsaw XII Economic Department of the National Court Register, with the KRS number: 0000213829, NIP: 521-329-94-74, Regon: 015779463.

2. Event – film screenings and other events within the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival offered by the Organizer

3. Participant – person taking part in the Event

§ 2

Terms and conditions of participation in festival events

1. Participating in the Events is equivalent to accepting these sanitary regulations.

2. The Participant is obliged to follow their provisions.
Indivivuals infected with COVID-19 and subject to mandatory quarantine or isolation may not take part in the Events.

3. The Participant may voluntarily present the Organizer their proof of vaccination. This information is not stored and will be used by the Organizer to determine the number of Participants in relation to the restrictions introduced by the Ordinance by the Council of Ministers on the 6th of May 2021 regarding establishing limitations, obligations and prohibitions related to the state of epidemic (Dz. U. item 861, as amended).
§ 3

Obligations of the Participant on the premises of the cinema

1. Hand disinfection is mandatory on entering the premises of the cinema.

2. The Participant is obliged to follow graphic and voice messages, as well as other instructions
from the cinema staff, regarding proper organization in order to ensure safety and health care.

On the premises of the cinema, Participants must:

1. provide themselves with face masks;

2. cover their mouth and nose with a face mask;

3. maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 metres from other Participants. The above does not apply to: persons accompanying children younger than 13; persons accompanying qualified individuals with disabilities, individuals identified as having special educational needs or individuals whose health conditions do not allow them to get around on their own; pairs or groups of people who live together.
§ 4

Venue organization

1. The Organizer makes 75% of the theatre seats available. This does not include viewers with a proof of vaccination.

2. Outside of the screening rooms, the cinema premises have a limit of 1 person per 10 sq. m.

3. The event staff and cashiers are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment – face masks, hand sanitizer.

4. The Organizer advises to purchase tickets on-line.

5. In the zones earmarked for the use of the audience, as well as backstage, sanitation is provided, following the latest requirements set by the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

6. To ensure safety of the audience and employees of the Organizer, a coordinator for sanitary issues has been appointed. The coordinator sees to all set procedures being followed, and is in constant contact with an appointed person from adequate district sanitary and epidemiological

7. Members of the audience are asked to report any instances of infringement of these sanitary regulations to the employees of the Organizer, in order to inform the coordinator for sanitary issues.
§ 5

Personal data collection

The Organizer is obliged to hand personal data of the participants to the District Sanitary Inspector who is in charge of epidemiological surveillance in the venues of the event, on request.

§ 6

Consequences of failure to follow these sanitary regulations

1. The Participants who do not observe the provisions of these regulations and fail to follow the instructions from the event staff, will be asked to leave the cinema premises.

2. In the event of regulations infringement, the Participant shall not be entitled to any refund forthe tickets nor to replace them.
§ 7

Final provisions

These regulations are subject to change according to subsequent recommendations regarding the spreading of COVID-19, issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

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