Culture Lab. A short course on creating cultural events for immigrants and expats

If you feel an urge to act and want to share what you have in common with your place of origin, if you would like to present your own culture in a modern and attractive way, but don't quite know how to start - this course is for you!

10th, 11th, 17th and 18th of October 2020 Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw, 24 Solec Street

We invite you to join us in conceptual and artistic work, which will result in films, audio guides, mapped objects, short Internet forms or other, yet unforeseen results. 

The project will consist of three parts. The first one is a training package: a series of presentations of good practices, theory of social activities, exchange of ideas for creative paths. The second stage is workshop practice on selected proposals, preparation of original projects under the supervision of artists, experienced coordinators and producers of cultural events. It will be an opportunity for joint creative work, artistic action, exchange of techniques, tools and history. Dates of meetings will be set individually. The third part - the final of the project - depends on you! The works created during the course will be presented to the general public during the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival.

The course is intended for anyone over 16-year-old, immigrants (also in the second generation) and expats. We invite everyone who is interested, regardless of previous artistic experience or level of knowledge of Polish language, to submit their applications by 5th of October. Classes will be conducted in Polish or / and English. 

Participation in the event is free of charge. Number of participants is limited. Sending an application does not mean acceptance for the project.

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Course programme:

10th of October, Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm

‘Attractive cultural activities - good practices’ - Aleksandra Janus 

Workshop of good practice in building relations with culture through engaging and thought-provoking activities (e.g. alternative audio guides, sightseeing and performance walks, forms combining art and cultural animation, activities using technologies and digital media). The aim of the meeting is to provide inspiration, points of reference and practical tips to help participants think about their own activities.  

11th of October, Sunday, 10am - 4 pm 

‘A cultural event from scratch’ - Anna Mamińska

How to plan your workshops, concerts or festivals? Where to look for funds and how to obtain them? How to advertise and attract the audience? How to efficiently account for the project and prepare a report?  This workshop is a solid dose of practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to conduct your own cultural event in an effective way.

17th of October, Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm

‘Integrative cultural activities’, Dominika Cieślikowska

How to build intercultural relations? What actions are worth taking? What are the traps of intercultural contact? How to act in Warsaw? The workshop will discuss the dynamics of intercultural contact, building relationships, migration experiences, communication, stereotypes and the process of engaging in cultural activities and building dialogue.

18 October, Sunday, 10am-5pm.

‘Personal project’, Anna Mamińska, Hubert Patynowski, Adrian Cognac, Aleksandra Janus

Presentation of artistic activities conducted by Hubert Patynowski - a young director of short films, music videos and commercials, and Adrian Cognac - a visual artist. Conceptual work on individual projects. 

For the following month, from October 20th to November 22nd, participants of the training will work in small groups, developing their own ideas under the supervision of selected tutors. The dates of meetings will be set individually.

The result of the course will be presented during the Five Flavours Film Festival - between 25 November and 2 December. 


Aleksandra Janus - an anthropologist, curator of the Museum Laboratory and Modernity Exercise programmes, head of the Culture Opening Workshop at the Digital Centre, co-founder of the Museums for Climate group, lecturer at the School of Ideas at SWPS University.

Anna Mamińska - organiser of many world music concerts and workshops. Winner of the Grand Prix of the IV Warsaw Stock Exchange of Cultural Education Programmes 2013. Coordinator of the international project "Festival as a form of education". Director of the Radio Asia Festival.

Dominika Cieślikowska - psychologist/trainer of anti-discrimination, intercultural and gender skills, supervisor of anti-discrimination coaching work, member of the Anti-discrimination Education Society.

Adrien Cognac - visual artist, specializing in new media, in particular the visual setting of theatre performances. His workshops will be dedicated to video mapping, and the mapped objects will find their place in the venues of the Five Flavours Film Festival. 

Hubert Patynowski - director, screenwriter and editor, author of music videos and short films. Short, individual film forms will be made during his classes. 


More information: anna@piecsmakow.pl

The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw and the Erasmus + Programme of the  European Union.

The Asia-Pacific Museum is a partner of the project.


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