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Five Flavours supports the programme “Witaj w domu” (“Welcome Home”) run by Fundacja Ocalenie. The objective of the initiative is to assist refugees who live in Poland in building the basis of self-sufficiency, which includes help in renting a flat, learning the Polish language, looking for a job and contacts with healthcare institutions.

Fundacja Ocalenie helps refugees, immigrants and repatriates build a new life in Poland.

Organizing comprehensive assistance for families looking for shelter entails substantial costs. Thanks to the foundation individual people can contribute to the support for particular families that are already taking part in the programme or waiting for the possibility to join it.

Sofia and her children

Five Flavours is supporting the collection of funds for the family of Sofia who comes from Kazakhstan and raises 14-year-old Marina and 5-year-old Mikai in difficult conditions.

The family now lives in a mouldy bedsit with no central heating. Marina has asthma so staying in a damp, mould-infested flat is a particular threat to her health. They must move to a place with safer conditions as soon as possible. Sofia has educational background in economy and commerce but for the time being she is working for a cleaning company. She would like to find a job more suitable to her qualifications, if only Mikai is granted a place in a kindergarten.

What are their most pressing needs?

What the family needs first is improvement in their living conditions, in-kind and legal assistance, help in finding a job and learning Polish.

What do they like doing in their free time?

Sofia likes baking cakes. She also finds pleasure in watching films about the World War II. Marina loves painting and drawing. During the last Long Night of Museums they visited the Royal Castle in Warsaw and enjoyed it very much. They also like the Old Town and parks of Warsaw.

What are their dreams?

Sofia’s first dream is to ensure her children a good life. She herself would like to work in a restaurant one day. Marina would love to attend a drawing course and get admitted to an art school, and later – to study architecture.

Fundraiser goal: 26 280 zloty

The amount is the annual cost of support provided to the family in the programme.

We encourage our viewers to contribute to the collection of funds at our festival cinemas or support the family through the website of the campaign witajwdomu.org.pl.

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Fundacja Ocalenie

Fundacja Ocalenie helps refugees, immigrants and repatriates build a new life in Poland.

The foundation has been working since the year 2000. It supports integration and personal development of migrants, sustains cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening civil society. It strives for ensuring that every human being could live a decent life and have their rights respected.

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