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"Festival as a form of education" - Five Flavours's international partnership project has begun

Volunteer internships abroad, studio visits, online Asian cinema academy, journalistic webinars focused on Asian cinema – these are just some of the planned results of the project carried out by Arteria Art Foundation as part of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The partners of the project are Udine Far East Film Festival, Helsinki Cine Aasia, and Camera Japan Festival in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Until June 2021, this international team will be working on ideas for the informal education of adults focused around the cinemas and cultures of Asia.

One of the results of the cooperation will be the initiation of an e-learning platform with an open-access course on the chosen aspects of Asian cinemas, accompanied by the creation of webinars - practical courses for aspiring journalists and film critics, and an international on-site training during one of the film festivals. Another goal of the project is the establishment of a guide in the form of a website - a compilation of good education practices for festivals. It will provide a set of ideas for educational activities with free didactic resources available to other institutions interested in carrying out educational activities related to Asian cultures and cinemas.

Yet another activity conducted as part of the project are trainings for the leaders of migrant communities on presenting their cultures through their contemporary achievements, in an attempt to break away from anachronistic, folk events and present modern, attractive content alluring to the contemporary audiences. A training for organizations participating in the project, on the effective use of cultural events for the promotion of tolerance and openness for organizations participating in the project took place in Warsaw at the end of June 2019.

The project "Festival As a Form of Education" is carried out as a part of the Erasmus+ Programme, cooperation for innovations and the exchange of good practices, strategic partnership in adult education.

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