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60, Wilcza Street, www.facebook.com/kuchniakonfliktu

Kitchen of Conflict is a truly special place and the history of this social enterprise is even more inspiring! The kitchen is run by refugees and immigrants from around the world. It originates from belief that preparing meals and eating together has the power to unite and create a friendly space above any divides. The idea is to give people opportunity to work. They do not need help, only conditions in which they can do what they are great doing. While eating there, you not only help refugees and have the chance to meet them - you also get to try really delicious meals. The food one of a kind. There is no set menu, it depends on who cooks on a given day. People from different cultures prepare their favorite meals, this way each day offers truly unique flavours. Prepare yourself for a meeting with amazing people and discover the world.


63 Koszykowa St, www.koszyki.com
The ‘Koszyki’ market hall was built at the beginning of 20th century. It's history is as turbulent as history of Warsaw itself. After years of neglect Hala Koszyki was restored to its’ previous glory and in 2016 came back to life as Warsaw’s social and culinary hub. Transformed into a complex of modern premises, where apart from shops you can eat a fantastic meal in one of numerous restaurants and pubs.


1, Żelaznej Bramy Square, www.halagwardii.pl
Hala Gwardii is the latest hip place to visit in Warsaw. Yet another old style food market transformed into a trendy spot and reopened in 2017. It gained a new life and became a place that combines the characteristics of the market with fresh products, an event hall and street food styled stands with the world's cuisine.The creators of today's Gwardia Hall were inspired by the history of Warsaw's food markets as well as places like the Lisbon Mercado da Ribera, the London Borough Market, the New York Chelsea Market, the Lyon Les Halles De Bocuse and the Mercado Boqueria in Barcelona. This way, a new meeting place appeared on the map of Warsaw that combines good food and culture. Very close to Muranów Cinema and recommended for any foodie.

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