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Tomato and chicken soups, pierogi (dumplings) and pork chop with potatoes and salad can be first things that come to your mind when you think about Polish cuisine. In Poland, potatoes are much more likelyto be served for lunch or dinner than rice or grits. Another popular traditional dishes are pancakes with various fillings, tatar (minced meat, egg, onion and some spices) and żur (soup with eggs and white sausage). But Polish cuisine has much more to offer than these traditional and usually meat dishes. In this little guide you can find places with strictly traditional Polish food, other that offer less traditional approach, and also places with a little bit of historical surroundings that try to familiarize us with some history of 1970s and 1980s in Poland.


3 Kopernika St, www.kameralnarestauracja.pl
So-called "Kamera" is one of the oldest post-war restaurants in Warsaw, operating since 1947. It offers traditional Polish cuisine and unique atmosphere. Its decor refers to the post-war period.


13 Ordynacka St, www.bit.ly/KubusBar
A so-called Polish milk bar serving home-style cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners including pierogi (dumplings), variety of traditional soups, potato dishes. It was open in 1957 and still manages to preserve an atmosphere of the communist era.
You can read more about Polish milk bars on Culture.pl.


13 Waliców St, www.folkgospoda.pl
The restaurant offers traditional Polish cuisine and brewery manufactured in Poland. Its
interior welcomes you with wooden folklore decoration which resembles old Slavic tavern.


1 Konstytucji Sq, www.chlopskiejadlo.pl
It serves traditional Polish cuisine with Ż
ur w chlebie – a traditional Polish soup served in a loaf of bread – among its specialities. Its interior is a remarkable mix of modernity and folklore.


2 Belwederska St, www.restauracjalotos.pl
An eatery with the
atmosphere of the 1970s. Tatar served here is found one of the most delicious in Warsaw.


55 Krakowskie Przedmieście St & other locations, www.zapiecek.eu
Its menu offers a variety of pierogi (dumplings) – both
traditional and less conservative alternatives such as dumplings with Camembert cheese. You can also try various types of beers and hot wines which are one of the best things to keep you warm up in autumn and winter.


17 Freta St, www.lalka-nalesniki.pl
It's a place to visit if
you want to try various types of pancakes: sweet and salty, filled with vegetables, cheese or meat.


63 Puławska St, www.fb.com/mokotowski.bar.mleczny
This milk bar is a place where you can feel like living in the 1980s. Raw interior with very little decoration, small room and a lot of people inside what is the biggest attraction of this place. Home-style cooking and traditional dishes as well as low prices are its key characteristics.

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