People's Jury 2016

The idea of People's Jury is simple: 11 Asian cinema fans meet in Warsaw at this year's edition of Five Flavours (16-23th November, 2016) to watch and discuss the competition titles from the New Asian Cinema section and select the best film.

People's Jury of 10th Five Flavours Film Festival:

  • Dominika Andrzejewska
  • Dominika Drzastwa
  • Anna Natalia Kmieć
  • Dorota Kolber
  • Katarzyna Kuca
  • Łukasz Mańkowski
  • Michał Łukasz Mielnik
  • Hubert Nowicki
  • Jakub Przybyło
  • Paweł Skrzypczak
  • Michał Wilkołazki

People's Jury is dedicated to non-professionals (such as bloggers, film students all over the age) interested in Asian cinema and culture.
Application involves two assigments, one of candidate's choice: short text (up to 1500 signs each) or visual comment (such as: photo, gif, animataion, video, videoessays etc) on chosen scenes from any Asian film or films. The texts must be written in Polish, the jury also works mostly in Polish. Although, English is needed to to take part in discussions with invited guests and listen to english lectures talked by interenational film specialists. 

Besides watching New Asian Cinema films, the jury members take part in a special series of workshops. This year, they will focuse on video essay, a new thing for People's Jury, getting more popular way how to talk about films through them. People's Jury will learn how to create video essay and where to find inspirations. We found it immportant as it is becoming an alternative for traditional film reviews.

Under the supervision of Bogna Konior - film and media theorist, curator, artist. Educated in London and Amsterdam, she currently lives in Hong Kong, where she is working on a PhD at the intersection of post-colonial and post-humanist media theories. She heads the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Asia and co-directs New Materialism Society, Hong Kong. As a curator she organised independent film events in Amsterdam, including the first Dutch video-poetry festival, ReVersed. Both her critical writing as well as poetry appeared in international magazines. Her performance and installation art was hosted in galleries and independent venues in Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia.

Members of Peopel's Jury have a chance to improve not only their writing and editing skills as well as widen their film horizons and innovatory. 

Additional information about the idea: jury@piecsmakow.pl

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