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Radio Asia next concerts 2016

The freestyle from the borderlands of Burma, Laos, and Thailand; the swinging Korean synth-pop, and the hypnotic sound of marimba à la Japanese. In Autumn, we invite you for three unique Radio Asia concerts!

The aim of the cycle is to present outstanding, niche artists, not yet recognized in Europe; those, who bravely break musical rules and transcend genres. The Asian musicians are outsiders looking for authenticity, going beyond mainstream and the stereotipical perception of music from Asia. This is what makes each Radio Asia concert a unique musical adventure.

In previous years, our scene has seen the meeting of noise and and avant-gard, minimal and religious music, singer-songwriter pieces were interwoven with punk, and industrial met the lyrical sounds of chello. This year's edition has a slightly lighter style. It features bands drawing mostly from soul, jazz, reggae, trip-hop, pop, folk and progressive rock, Still, be prepared for plenty of sound experiments and tone explorations.


Here are the bands featured in our Radio Asia program:



Jeong Cha-sik is a legend of Korean indie music scene of the 90s. He was the leader of a cult Korean heavy-metal group, Rainy Sun, for 15 years, before moving on to become a solo artist. Sometimes called the Korean Nick Cave, his work revolves around psychedelic rock, trip-hop, folk, tango, synth-pop, and traditional Korean music.

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Be a Long Night (Jeong Cha-sik)


Rasmee Wayrana is a singer and composer from northeastern Thailand. She began her music career as a child, working with her father, the founder of the traditional Jariang Band. Her music is a unique combination of molan folk music from the Isan region with soul, jazz and R&B. She calls her style Isan Soul, which is also the title of her debut album.

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Muat Chut Dam (Rasmee Wayrana)


Midori Takada is a composer and drummer, well-known in the Japanese avant-garde circle. Her hypnotic, minimalist music is based on the harmony of the sound and the human body. She released two solo albums: "Through the looking glass" and "Tree of Life," and composed music for Tadashi Suzuki's theatrical plays. She performs solo on marimba and other percussion instruments.

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Crossing (Midori Takada)

All concert take place in TR Warszawa theatre, 8th Marszałkowska Street.

Tickets cost 30 PLN and are available at piecsmakow.pl, ebilet.pl, in Empik stores and TR Warszawa ticket office.

You can also buy a festival Master Pass, which includes the entry for all concerts and Five Flavours festival screenings. The number of passes is limited.


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