Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

The 11th edition of Five Flavours Asian Film Festival takes place in Warsaw on November 15-22. The replika of the Festival in Wrocław takes place on November 17-23.

Five Flavours Asian Film Festival is a yearly survey of the cinema from South and Southeast Asia. For 11 years, we have brought premiere screenings of the newest, carefully selected titles from the region to the Polish audiences, along with classics from the Asian archives, retrospectives of the chosen filmmakers, and national cinema retrospectives.

The world of Asian cinema is growing and expanding rapidly – artists from the smallest regions of the continent are finding their way to international festival audiences, independent filmmakers unite across borders to speak out about the most difficult subjects, the producers of local blockbusters are more and more successful in competing with global giants. Five Flavours Film Festival invites everyone to discover and experience this bustling universe. The viewers will have a chance to encounter the wildest productions of Asian pop culture, admire contemplative film poems and engage in discussions about art, politics and challenges of the modern world.

The program of the Festival is comprised mostly of titles unknown in Poland, unavailable in regular distribution. The wide selection includes auteur cinema, as well as high-quality genre cinema; daring works of independent filmmakers and commercial blockbusters which hold a special place in the cinematic landscape of Asia.

Like every year, the highlight of Five Flavours program is the New Asia Cinema competition section, presenting fresh voices and outstanding productions that address current issues and broaden the boundaries of film imagination. Films from Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Vietnam will compete for the Grand Prix of the Festival.

The program includes a section devoted to the cinema of on of the most mysterious Asian countries, the Himalayan Bhutan, and the retrospective of a key new wave filmmaker, one of the most important people in the Hong Kong film industry, Ann Hui. The program includes also a fair share of genre cinema, featured in the section devoted to the avant-garde erotic productions from Japan, and in the Asian Cinerama section, a review of Asian Film Awards winners and nominees. Also devoted to the genre films is the Restored Classics section.

The screenings are accompanied by meetings with guests from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Asian Academy lectures and other special events.

The 2017 edition continues the visual identification based on the Lunar Calendar and zodiac signs. Thus, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. 


For our first-time viewers, we prepared a special guide with all the essential information about screenings, tickets, hotels, food etc. If you have any additional questions regarding your stay at the festival, please contact: hospitality@piecsmakow.pl or +48 880 628 585.

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