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Apocalypse Child

Grand Prix of 10th Five Flavours Film Festival!

Polish theatrical premiere: 6th October 2017


Apocalypse Child
Philippines 2016, 95’
director: Mario Cornejo

Awards and Festivals
  • QCinema 2015 – Best Film, Best Director, Technical Excellence in Editing, Best Supporting Actress
  • FAP Awards Philippines 2016 - Best Supporting Actress
  • Gawad Urian Awards 2016 - Best Supporting Actress
  • Star Awards for Movies 2016 - Indie Movie Cinematographer of the Year
  • 10th Five Flavours Film Festival - Grand Prix

Dziecko apokalipsy / Apocalypse Child, reż. Mario Cornejo, Filipiny 2016

Crystal-clear waves, bright beaches, skin bathing in the sunshine, the sleepy atmosphere of the end of season. This is Baler, a place where 30 years ago Francis Ford Coppola spent a few months shooting "Apocalypse Now." Today, it is a paradise for surfers, including Ford – the association with the name of the director is not a coincidence. The man spends carefree days with his energetic, direct girlfriend. Then his old friend comes to visit, along with his his stunningly beautiful fiancee.

The script written by a producer-director team, Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez, is a light portrait of four friends, filled with subtle humor, but also with existential questions. The breath-taking beauty of the scenery, the unassuming eroticism of the joined trips to the beach, and the lovely evenings are not everything – the aura of never-ending holidays will not protect the protagonists from taking responsibility for their lives and confronting their past. Thanks to the frames filled with distilled light, the natural acting, and the leisurely editing, the film evades overt literality. The melancholic beauty of the images is complemented by the atmospheric music of Armi Millare from the indie rock group Up Dharma Down. The result is an emotionally balanced, mature work, a powerful stimulus for the senses.


Film director and an award-winning advertising artist working for Film Experts, one of the biggest production companies in the Philippines. His debut comedy, "Big Time," was a smashing success awarded at Cinamalaya festival. He is also the author of a short documentary, "Stray Hearts," shown at Rotterdam IFF, and the producer of an award-winning documentary "Kano: An American and His Harem."


Producer and co-writer of "Apocalypse Child." Worked in the media for many years, since 2003 she manages the independent film production studio Arkeofilms. The films she makes with Mario Cornejo are signed "Mario & Monster Show."

Dziecko apokalipsy / Apocalypse Child, reż. Mario Cornejo, Filipiny 2016


director: Mario Cornejo
screenplay: Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez
cinematography: Ike Avellana
editing: Lawrence S. Ang
music: Armi Millare
sound: Corinne De San Jose
cast: Sid Lucero, Annicka Dolonius, RK Bagatsing, Ana Abad Santos, Gwen Zamora
producer: Monster Jimenez, Aurora Oreta Michelle Dinglasan-Tomacruz, Marti Magsanoc
production: Arkeofilms
language: Tagalog, English
colouration: colour

Polish distributor: Pięć Smaków Kino Azji
available formats: DCP, Bluray

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