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Red Carpet: Meeting with Hajime Tsuda, the director of "Daughters"

03 December 2020

"Daughters" is an atmospheric, nuanced story about female friendship, life changes, and the cityscape of the modern Tokyo. Five Flavours will have the pleasure to host Hajime Tsuda, the film director live at the Festival Red Carpet.


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The protagonists of "Daughters" are two young women immersed in the life of the big city. Characters that bring to mind many a title from the archives of Japanese cinema, in which dynamic girls that take their lives into their own hands became symbols of social changes and new lifestyles. How do modern Japanese women define themselves as a generation? What are the motivations for the choices they make? And what kind of music best expresses the emotions of Japanese millenials?  These are just some of the questions we will be discussing with the director of the film.

Hajime Tsuda

Born in 1985, director and screenwriter, owner of the event company CHAMELEONS INC. In 2005, his short film debut "Paint the Sky" won a Tokyo Students Film Festival. "Daughters" is his feature film debut.


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