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"Happy Together," Wong Kar Wai's most daring film, returns to cinemas on June 17!

03 June 2022

Five Flavours introduces another one of Wong Kar Wai's digitally remastered masterpieces to the silver screens! Winner of the 1997 Cannes Best Director award, "Happy Together" is a masterful melodrama and one of the most important films for the global LGBT community. Most of the iconic shots were captured in Buenos Aires by cinematographer Christopher Doyle. The 4K remastered version of the film premieres in cinemas in the middle of Pride Month celebrated all over the world.

A special screening of Wong Kar Wai’s  "Happy Together" with an Argentinean Milonga after-party

In "Happy Together," Wong Kar Wai leaves behind the neon streets of Hong Kong and moves to the other side of the world, to Argentina, so after the screening we invite you for an Argentinean snack and a Milonga -  a dance party in the electrifying rhythm of the tango.

During this special screening, the film will be presented with Polish and English subtitles.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022, 20:00
the beginning of the long weekend
Kinoteka cinema
Plac Defilad 1, Warsaw

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  • 20:00 "Happy Together," dir. Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong 1997/2020 (4K restored version)
  • 21:30 Milonga – Argentinean tango dance party at the Kinoteka lounge

Tickets: 29 PLN

Tickets include:

  • Snacks prepared by an Argentinean restaurant Chimi&Churri – traditional empanadas with aromatic herb sauce.
  • A welcome shot at Kinoteka’s Charlie cocktail bar (alcohol-free options available).


"Happy Together" by Wong Kar Wai

Passion and pathological jealousy, a desire for excitement and stability, parting and getting back together. Ho Po-Wing and Lai Yiu-Fai leave for Buenos Aires to breathe a new life into their fidgety relationship. The bond between the lovers is strong and destructive at the same time, the emotions cannot be left behind on the other continent. The men part ways under the burning sun of Argentina, only to fall back into each other’s arms on a rainy evening. Their emotions flare up among the cityscapes of Argentina, and their anger finds an outlet in the tango of intimacy and fulfillment.

Tango is an improvised dance in which the partners rhythmically draw closer and pull away. The lover’s journey leads them through shabby rooms, a nerve-wracking rhythm of narrow restaurant kitchens, ice-cold freezers, and streets bathed in the South American heat… Where will they go next? And will they go there together?

"Happy Together" is the first film Wong Kar Wai presented after the handover of Hong Kong to China. A story set on the other hemisphere may seem like an attempt not to comment on the historic event, but in reality it makes for a very powerful statement. "Every one of my films is about Hong Kong, even if they are set in Argentina," said the director, knowing that shooting the same story in Hong Kong a few years later would not have been possible. It is impossible not to feel the excruciating end-of-the-world atmosphere of the film, enhanced by its painfully ironic title.

Perhaps it was the sense of being out of time that allowed Wong Kar Wai to create this masterful melodrama, thick with emotions and meanings. He was aided by the biggest male stars of Hong Kong cinema, Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung, and his daring cinematographer, Christopher Doyle. Even though the Australian’s camera captures more space than usual, the emotional trap the protagonists are stuck in remains the source of pain they cannot give up on. The film, which opens with black and white sequences, only to become saturated with yellows, reds and blues, is one of the most moving love stories in the history of cinema.

Cinema premiere: June 17, 2022

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Milonga – Argentinean tango dance party

Tango is a dance liberating emotions. Just like "Happy Together," this thick, hypnotizing, dark, and enticing style can bewitch with passion and harmony, with sadness and nostalgia. Its improvised nature encourages impulsiveness and directness – the partners dance alone, even though they are dancing together. Even the smallest move they make affects the other person, forcing them to be extremely considerate and take responsibility for their shared experience. It is not an easy dance, but aspiring dancers can take comfort in the fact that in tango, emotions and spontaneity are just as important as the learned steps and figures. On this evening, the spacious Kinoteka lounge will turn into a hot dance floor, while the atmospheric, plush Charlie bar will provide a space to take a breath and relax.

Providing the music for the evening will be Olga Zawada – a Warsaw tanguera and DJ who will play classic pieces of the tango’s 1940s golden era, contemporary arrangements of old hits, and tango nuevo compositions. The Milonga is co-organized by Edyta Edi Jaroszewicz, an experienced animator of Argentinean tango evenings, the leader and organizer of the cult Equilibrium Club Milongas.

Wednesday, June 15
21:30 – 00:00
Kinoteka in Warsaw
free admission

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