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18 October 2013
Hanyut/Almayer's Folly

The guests of the 7th Five Flavours Film Festival included U-Wei Bin Haji-Saari and Arkadiusz Tomiak - director and  cinematographer of the film of the closing gala "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly," filmmakers whose works are presented in the competition section New Asian Cinema, and young directors from Hong Kong.

Guests of Five Flavours Film Festival:

  • U-Wei Bin Haji-Saari - director of "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly." Studied directing at New York School for Social Research, a member of Film Directors' Association Of Malaysia, the first Malaysian director whose film, "Kaki Bakar," was shown in the prestigious Directors' Fortnight section at Cannes IFF (1995). The filmmakers of the Malaysian independent scene often emphasize the director's groundbreaking role in its development.
  • Arkadiusz Tomiak - cinematographer of "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly," one of the most talented cinematographers in Poland. In 1995 graduated from cienematography departament of Film School in Łódź. Received Golden Lions at Gdynia FF for Jan Jakub Kolski's "Keep Away from the Window," Michał Kwieciński's "Extras," and Konrad Niewolski's "Palimpsest."
  • Midi Z. - born in 1982 in Burma, in a family of Chinese origins. At 16 emigrated to Taiwan, where he received his film education. His diploma film, "Paloma Blanca," was shown at several international festivals. Midi Z.'s first feature film, "Return to Burma," presented at 6th Five Flavours FF (2012), depicts the first free elections  in Burma from the perspective of a small village in the north of the country, where nobody cares about democracy, but everyone is interested in emigration. 
  • Siyuan Zhao - the lead actress in Yang Lina's "Longing for the Rain". The film is a debut of an independent director, who made the film in Hong Kong to avoid Chinese censorship. The main character, a young stay-home wife, lives in a calm, passionless relationship. She takes care of her daughter, infantile husband, and sick mother-in-law, and meets with her "emancipated" friend. Her situation changes when she forms a peculiar, strictly erotic relation with a man who visits her in her dreams.
  • Afshin Salamian - the producer of "Homostratus" (dir. Siu Pham), whose international premiere will take place at Five Flavours.
  • Lasantha Nawarathna - the producer of "With You, Without You" (dir. Prasanna Vithanage).
  • Fresh Wave directors - four filmmakers taking part in the program with Johnnie To as its patron: Chan Wai-man ("The Key Chain"), Pako Leung Pak-ho ("Still on the Bridge"), Lam Sum ("Oasis"), and Lau Wing-tai ("God Bless All Parents").

Siyuan Zhao (Longing for the Rain)

A series of meetings Asia Through the Lenses takes place in Południk Zero. The guests are:

  • Dorota Podlaska - artist whose works were exhibited in Zachęta National Gallery of Art, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Łaźnia CCA in Gdańsk. Author of Five Flavours' catalog.
  • Grzegorz Drozd - director of "The Story of Grochu".
  • Jakub Mielnik - author of a journalistic essay "Kronika końca świata".
  • Monika Pawluczuk - director of "When I am a Bird".
  • Ian Thomas Anh - director of "A2-B-C", author of five documentaries, awarded at festivals in Lyon, Rhode Island and Frankfurt.
  • Yasuhiro Igarashi - author of articles about nuclear energy in Japan.
FULL program OF EVENTS IN Południk Zero

Kiedy będę ptakiem

The final guest of the festival is Wafa Ghermani - the curator of Tajwan'16mm section, a specialist in Taiwanese cinema, sinologue, writing her PhD thesis at Sorbonne. During Five Flavours she will introduce the viewers to the history of Taiwanese cinema, and present all the films from the section before the screenings.

Tajwan'16mm: progrAMme

Tajwan'16mm: Pushing Hands

This year Five Flavours works in cooperation with Museum of Asia and pacific and the Museum of Wola.Laboratory of the City, where special events and meetings with guests will take place:


A 12-hours long exhibition of objects from the collection of Asia and Pacific Museum, shown for the first time in the raw space of the yet unopened new building of the Museum at 24 Solec St. An additional attraction for those who like a little thrill is Operation Solec - an adventure field game with a pinch of Asian flavours.

the LABORATORY of hong kong

A two day-long project prepared with the Museum of Wola. Laboratory of the city is a great opportunity to find out more about the culture and architecture of Hong Kong using all the senses. The program includes: a walk through the streets of Warsaw led by film artists from Hong Kong, screenings of short films from the Fresh Wave program, children workshops with Archidzieciaki, and meetings and lectures concerning the character and the structure of the city.

Fresh Wave: Epilepsja

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