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Monday with Hong Kong: the Power of Dance

22 November 2021

Hong Kong has a special place in this year’s program thanks to the retrospective of Wong Kar Wai, but we also take a look at the contemporary life of the city.

We talk about Hong Kong cinema which, in recent years, has increasingly been dealing with social issues. The Five Flavors program features two films that talk about the city's identity through characters whose faith in their passion is the driving force of their lives. What do baseball in "Weeds on Fire" and hip-hop in "The Way We Keep Dancing" have in common?

The studio's guest is Adam Wong, author of a unique film showing the Hong Kong independent hip-hop scene and the way it shifts as the city itself is beginning to change.

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The Festival newspaper is available in the cinemas and online (as a PDF file), it is also added to all Festival shop orders.

The newspaper features unique interviews with the authors of festival films, providing fascinating insight into their inspirations and in-depth contexts for the films. It is also an opportunity to dive into the analyses of particular titles, sketches on the art of Zhang Yimou and Shunji Iwai, and longer essays devoted to the Olympic section and the Taiwanese Queer Cinema section, as well as a set of texts devoted to the long-awaited retrospective of Wong Kar Wai – writing about it was a particular treat for all the authors.

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