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What to see at Five Flavours? The Festival starts tomorrow!

16 November 2021
We Are Moluccans,

The Festival program is full of surprises. Many viewers choose the films they want to see based on the sections, others on their countries of origin – today we are pointing your attention to some of the other films you should keep your eye on!

Cinema Pass owners can already reserve their seats for the Festival screenings – please pay special attention to the titles from the Wong Kar Wai retrospective and the films that are only shown in cinemas, as we are expecting the highest audience turnout at these screenings.

The reservation system is very simple and is similar to the process of buying single tickets – after logging in to your account, go to the page of the film you want to see and click "book." You can find all the information here:

Reservation rules

Online Pass holders do not have to reserve anything, the online accesses are unlimited.

Three films from unique places

  • The Story of Southern Islet – a film set in a small village in the North of Malaysia, near the border with Thailand. The director spent many years learning about the region's culture and history; in his film, he reconstructs traditions and rituals, many of which did not stand the test of time and the political restrictions.
  • Once Upon a Time in Calcutta – a love letter to the eponymous city, which is changing under the developer's bulldozers and, at the same, revealing many layers of its unique history to the viewers. A portrait of a unique metropolis, enclosed in the most beautiful frames.
  • We Are Moluccans – the Maluku Islands, also known as the Spice Islands, are an archipelago of over one thousand islands and islets, one of the most inaccessible regions of Indonesia, rarely visited by tourists. This breathtakingly beautiful region was torn by a tragic internal conflict. Angga Dwimas Sasongko's film shows how the conflict was being resolved through sport and community building.

Three films about strong women

  • Rehana – a medical academy lecturer and a single mother single-handedly supporting her family learns about a professor taking advantage of a student and leaves no stone unturned to make sure justice is served. A disquieting thriller and a perfect portrayal of a woman determined to achieve her goal.
  • Fighter – Jina, a migrant from North Korea, is trying to find a place for herself in the South, but the new environment does not seem to be on her side. By chance, she finds herself in a boxing club: this sport will become her way of freeing her emotions and change her social status. An ingenious leading role and a fascinating heroine.
  • Alifu, the Prince/ss  – Alifu works in a popular hair salon in Taipei and is saving up for her gender reassignment surgery. Then she is called back by her family. Alifu's father, the chief of one of the aboriginal Taiwanese tribes wants his first born to take over his role. Can the community accept a woman as a leader? A remarkable story of fighting for one's own identity and negotiating with tradition.

Three glitter films

  • As We Like It– a crazy journey through the Shakespearean universe with a fully female cast. A futuristic Taipei, mysterious fairies, a host of unique characters, and a crazy love story. Embrace the convention and delve into this magical world in which gender is completely irrelevant.
  • The Foul King – a clumsy clerk in a spectacular, yet extremely brutal world of wrestling? Dazzling sequin outfits, powerful punches, and a melancholic, yet comical story about the dignity of an individual in an unjust world. Don't miss this outstanding, multilayered film!
  • Number One  – a respectable family man becomes a manager of a drag club, setting off a series of comical clashes between two completely different worlds. The film is also a tale of Singaporean culture and a touching story of a man trying to stay afloat in a world of high expectations and the many roles he must play every day to deserve his status as the man of the house. A warm, funny, touching story perfect for gloomy November evenings!

Three films with kicks and guns

  • Last of the Wolves – a thick, genuine yakuza film. A young, ambitious police officer versus the new generation of gangsters who are not happy to put down their weapons. A solid dose of action, bitter psychology, and references to the best traditions of Japanese cinema. Plus the extravagant fashion of the 1990s. A must-see!
  • Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash  – Ajo Kawir is impotent. He is also the master of fist fights. He finally finds his match, a woman who can both kick his ass and steal his heart. A surprising, subversive adaptation of the world-famous Indonesian novel, filled with references to Indonesian, Hong Kong and American pop culture of the 1980s.
  • Cliff Walkers – Zhang Yimou and spy cinema. A stylish, wonderfully made film that takes us all the way to the 1940s. The feeling of a tightening noose of betrayal, of being surrounded by loneliness in unfamiliar territory, not being able to tell friends from enemies, the shootouts and the final car chase: the master truly lived up to the new challenge.

One Polish accent

Polish films made in Asia are still very rare, and most of them still documentaries. We almost never get to see Polish-Asian fiction films on the screen. But Paweł Ferdek's "Agung" is one of these rare exceptions.

This is a story of a marriage on the crossroads, for whom an exotic journey is supposed to be the big breakthrough. The first drafts of the script were written over a decade ago, when the director was visiting Java and the Agung volcano. The Indonesian scenery is not just the background for the story of the vacationing Polish couple – the local beliefs and traditions are an important part of the plot, revealing the problematic issues in the protagonists' relationship. "Agung" is a wonderful, natural combination of a psychological film and the horror genre. Don't miss out on this film and the Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening!

Practical information

The 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival is held online at piecsmakow.pl between November 17 and 29, and in Kinoteka and Muranów cinemas in Warsaw between November 17 and 24.

Online Passes, Single Tickets and Single Accesses for online screenings are already available and piecsmakow.pl. Single Tickets are also available in cinemas.

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