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Big screen masterpieces at 15th Five Flavours. Volunteers wanted!

14 October 2021
No.7 Cherry Lane, dir. Yonfan, Hong Kong, China 2019

After a year’s break, the Festival returns to the cinemas. Among the productions that will be shown on the big screen are a Hong Kong animation by Yonfan, an epic historic drama by Zhang Yimou, a surreal thriller by Lijo Jose Pelissery, and a retro gangster film by Edwin. 

The full program will be announced on October 26. Join us for a live meeting streamed online at piecsmakow.pl and facebook.com/piecsmakow at 4 p.m.

The 15th Five Flavours will be held in a hybrid form – online and in the cinemas in Warsaw. The majority of films from the program will be available in both forms, except for four titles which will only be shown in cinemas. The screenings of each of these productions, created by renown filmmakers, will be quite an event!

As the Festival returns to the cinemas, we invite anyone interested in Asian cultures and films to join us in creating this unique event. The volunteers gain free access to Festival screenings and other Festival events. They will also have a great opportunity to see the backstage life of the Festival and get to know the Festival guests.



Churuli, dir. Lijo Jose Pellissery, India 2020

Section: Asian Cinerama, only in cinemas

Two police officers set out incognito to a remote mountain village, where a potential suspect is hiding. Posing as manual laborers, the officers are trying to untangle the ties in this small, mysterious community, in which everyone seems to be using at least two names. But the more they learn, the further away from the answers they seem to be.
The prophetic books of the Old Testament, the customs of the Indian South, the impenetrable thickets of the forest, and the bizarre lights appearing among the trees at dusk. "Labyrinth" is a surreal tale, filled with understatements, encased in memorable, magnetically beautiful frames.

No.7 Cherry Lane

Ji yuan tai qi hao, dir. Yonfan, Hong Kong, China 2019

Section: Special Screenings, only in cinemas

A unique, epic project, immersed in the true love and a bitter-sweet nostalgic longing for the Hong Kong of the 1960s. Ziming, a student fascinated by Proust’s novels, is dating the elegant Mrs Yu, a runaway Taiwanese dissident, and her beautiful daughter at the same time. This forbidden love triangle, drawn with the intense colors of this hypnotic animation, is a story about passion, but also a unique portrait of a city at a hectic time of political and social changes.

Cliff Walkers

Xuan ya zhi shang, dir. Zhang Yimou, China 2021

Section: Asian Cinerama, only in cinemas

Early 1930s. Four Chinese agents are parachuted to Manchuria, a puppet state created by Japan. Their extremely dangerous mission is to prove that the occupying forces are conducting cruel experiments on people. It quickly turns out that the agents were betrayed – their lives and mission are in danger. The thick plot is completed with amazing action scenes, including a spectacular car chase!

Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

Seperti dendam rindu harus dibayar tuntas, dir. Edwin, Indonesia 2021

Section: Special Screenings, only in cinemas

Ajo Kawir is a known bully who doesn’t take crap from anyone. And yet, everyone knows that there is one battlefield he always fails at – the bedroom. One of his shady dealings leads him to Iteung, a girl who will kick his ass and blow him away for good. This rock’n’roll, comic book-style plot dazzles with the dynamic action, leading the viewer straight into the retro nostalgia for the 80s and a bitter-sweet story about love, sacrifice, and a masculinity in crisis.

The full program will be announced on October 26. Join us for a live meeting streamed online at piecsmakow.pl and facebook.com/piecsmakow at 4 p.m.

This year, the 15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will be held in a hybrid form: in Warsaw cinemas between November 17 and 24, and online between November 17 and 29.

Festival Passes for both forms of the Festival are already available. From October 26, Single Tickets for cinema screenings and Single Accesses for our VOD platform will also be available.

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