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Rocky peaks and Buddhist humor: "Jinpa" in cinemas and on VOD from September 24!

03 September 2021

The cinema premiere of Pema Tseden's unique movie is also an opportunity to get to know the director's other works: the Five Flavours VOD platform invites you for a program comprised of the master's three most recent films.

"Jinpa" will premiere in cinemas across Poland on September 24. A regularly updated list of the cinemas will be available at the Five Flavours website.

"Jinpa" is a surprising picture: The raw scenery of the Kekexilli Plateau, a rock'n'roll protagonist, subversive humor and the metaphysical symbolism of Buddhist parables – these seemingly mismatched elements create a cohesive, hypnotic whole. The author of the film, Pema Tseden, is the first Tibetan graduate of the Beijing Film Academy who makes films in his home region, in the local language. The writer and director combines a deep understanding of the Tibetan reality with a perfect sense of the film language and a poetic outlook on the portrayal of the everyday.

Tseden's auteur cinema fascinated many international film festival goers – including one of the biggest names in Asian cinema, Wong Kar Wai, who became the producer of "Jinpa." In one of the interviews, Wong admitted that he had been following the Tibetan filmmaker's career for a long time and he considers him "an important voice of his generation." The conversations with Wong and his collaborator, set and costume designer William Chang, had a significant impact on the visual side of the film.

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The cinema premiere of "Jinpa" is an opportunity to get to know the director's other works. Pema Tseden's Tibetan Trilogy, a program comprised of the director's three most recent films, will be available on Five Flavours VOD from September 24 till October 25.

Apart from "Jinpa," the program includes "Tharlo," a lyrical, black-and-white comedy drama about a shepherd from a mountain hermitage who comes to the city and meets a woman who changes his life. We will also see "Balloon," a fascinating portrait of a regular family whose peaceful existence is overshadowed by the Chinese demographic policy. This multilayered drama set in the 90s remains surprisingly topical and universal – by focusing on the perspective of women, it shows how the protagonists' freedom to decide their own fate is influenced by the law and religious institutions.


Zhuang si le yi zhi yang, China 2018
in cinemas and online from September 24

A lonely driver looking like an eternal hippie drives his truck through the raw spaces of the Tibetan Plateau. His hypnotic journey is interrupted when he meets an inconspicuous wanderer he shares a name with, who is on his way to a place where he has to kill a man. Produced by Wong Kar-wai, build from painting-like frames, "Jinpa" is a subversive, highly symbolic meditation on the human condition, life and death.


Qi qiu, China 2019
online from September 24 to October 25

Two brothers are running through the meadows surrounding Lake Qinghai, always rippling in the penetrating wind. They dream of balloons their father promised to bring them from the city. Until until he comes back, they settle for inflated condoms found under their parents' pillow. But their little moment of fun will bring far-reaching implications – the Chinese family planning policy and the local traditions collide, and refusing to conform to them can result in grave consequences. The director shows the story from the point of view of women – the mother of the boys and her sister, a Buddhist monk living in a monastery. He encloses their journey, set by the customs, religion, and law, but also the growing need for autonomy, in frames echoing the fascination with Kiarostami or Kieślowski.


China 2015
online from September 24 to October 25

Tharlo is 40 years old, he can recite Mao's Little Red Book from memory, and he is about to have his ID photo taken for the first time in his life. But before he can do that, he has to go to a hairdresser. She turns out to be quite charming. Far from the ethnographic, touristy images of the "magical Tibet", the film takes a look at the contemporary reality of the country from a unique, fresh perspective. Pema Tseden closes this poetic story about discovering and fulfilling dreams, filled with subtle humor, in black-and-white frames and simple narration.

Pema Tseden's Tibetan Trilogy

The program will be available on our VOD platform piecsmakow.pl/wdomu from September 24 to October 25.

VOD Pass price – 45 pln, Single Access price – 20 pln. You can also buy an elegant voucher for the whole program – it's a perfect gift for everyone who loves good films and faraway journeys!

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