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"Virus Mairus" short from Malaysia for the time of isolation

20 April 2020

The guest of the 10th Five Flavours, Shanjhey Kumar Perumal shares with the festival audience an anecdotal short film made with fellow filmmakers from Malaysia during the quarantine. 

Never before have so many people around the world shared such a similar experience: forced confinement is a time equally difficult for people in Asia, Europe or America. Many people try to ease it with humour - just like the artists behind "Virus Mairus": Gogularaajan, Shanjhey Kumar Perumal and Kumanavannan. After taking off the masks, plastic gloves and hearing the police announcements through the loudspeaker, it is worth taking a look at what the situation is like in many - not only Malaysian - houses!

Shanjhey Kumar Perumal is the director of "Jagat", has worked in television production for many years, making documentaries, short films and thematic programmes. His short films have been presented at international festivals: "Thaipoosam" was screened in Rotterdam, "Jagat" received an award for cinematography in Toronto. The director's debut feature under the same title, has become one of the most important Malaysian films of recent years. It is a story of a twelve-year-old boy from the Tamil minority, who grew up in the difficult reality of the world of gangs and petty crime. The screening at Five Flavours was the European premiere of the film.

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