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Celebrate Lunar New Year's Eve with Asian cinema!

09 January 2020

The year of the Earth Pig is slowly coming to an end. The patron of the following months will be the Metal Rat. On the last weekend of January, New Year's celebrations will take place all over Asia - Five Flavours invites you to celebrate this event in the cinema. 

The program includes the hit of 13th edition of the festival “The Taste of Pho" by Mariko Bobrik and the Grand Prix winner, "Balloon" by Pema Tseden. Films are screened in original languages with English and Polish subtitles.

On January 26th, we invite you to Kino Muranów for an evening with two special films: "The Taste of Pho" by Mariko Bobrik and the Grand Prix winner of the last edition of the festival, "Balloon" by Pema Tseden. 

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Both titles were exceptionally received by the festival audience. "The Taste of Pho" is the first cinematic portrait of the Vietnamese community living in Warsaw, and at the same time a universal, touching story about a small family facing challenges. "Balloon" is a beautifully photographed, bittersweet tale from the life of the inhabitants of the Tibetan Highlands, captured by the insightful eye of one of the most remarkable directors from this region. 

The evening's program: 

Sunday, 26 January, Kino Muranów in Warsaw

  • 19:00 "The Taste of Pho" by Mariko Bobrik, Poland, Germany 2019
  • 20:30  celebratory banquet courtesy of  Pho2 restaurant and a New Year's toast with Choya wine
  • 21:15 "Balloon" by Pema Tseden, China 2019

Tickets: 50 PLN, can be purchased on-line and at the box office of Kino Muranów.

Films will be screened with Polish and English subtitles.

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The Taste of Pho

dir. Mariko Bobrik, Poland, Germany 2019, 84'
Cinema release in Poland: 20 March 2020

Mr Long, a pho master, has to face the requirements of a new restaurant owner: mastering new culinary skills however seems easy compared to the challenge of raising a smart, ten-year-old daughter on his own. This Polish-Vietnamese warm family portrait is a touching essay on closeness and alienation, little joys of life and consequence in pursuit of one’s goals, in which details speak more than words. 


dir. Pema Tseden, China 2019, 102'

The life of a shepherd's family in the Tibetan plateau seems hard, but happy. However, their harmony is disturbed and one of the mischief of the two little brothers will have far-reaching consequences. The precisely constructed plot leads the viewer into the reality of a region's simple life, a world of Buddhist beliefs and close relationship with nature, all of which are reached by the effects of superpower politics. A wise, lyrical and humorous story about the choices of ordinary people, confirming Pema Tseden's masterful form and received Grand Prix of the 13th Five Flavours Film Festival.

Pho2 is the first Vietnamese restaurant in the Powisle with a traditional regional menu, established by the creators of such well-known and popular brands as Azjatka, SaigonKa and Koreanka.

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