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Between Hong Kong and the world of zombie: a thrilling Saturday at Five Flavours

16 November 2019
"One Cut of the Dead" (reż. Shinichirou Ueda)

On the fourth day of the festival, we offer a mixture of emotions. The premiere of the book “Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the Times of Change” connected with a screening of Johnnie To’s film, great titles in the competition section and in the evening - a bloodcurdling Zombie Night. All that is happening today!

"Throw Down" is a masterpiece still undiscovered, a film to which To himself refers as his favourite, a tribute to Akira Kurosawa’s debut – "Sanshiro Sugata" (aka Judo Saga), but also a magical love letter to the cinema itself.

We start the day as early as 10.45 a.m. with the film “Throw Down” by Johnnie To. The screening is meant as an introduction to the premiere of the book “Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the Times of Change”. The audience will have an extraordinary opportunity to meet the authors of this unique publication.

The Saturday’s programme includes also such films as Fruit Chan’s “Hollywood Hong Kong” and Pema Tseden’s “Jinpa” as well as “BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry”, the latest production of last year’s festival winner, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit.

Then, we will spend the evening in a truly bloodthirsty company. The Japanese hit “One Cut of The Dead” and the South Korean “The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale” will draw the viewers into the weekend frenzy atmosphere. 

Premiere of the book: Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the Times of Change

Saturday, 16 November, 12.20 p.m. at Kino Muranów

The Five Flavours library is expanding by another publication. At this year's festival, a new book will have its premiere: "Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change", focused on Hong Kong's cinematography from the 1980s to the present day, published together with Wydawnictwo w Podwórku.

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Zombie Night

Saturday, 16 November, 9.30 p.m. at Kino Muranów

Perverse screenplays, a big dose of black humour and the obligatory shivers down your spine. This time the walking dead will attack a family with a flair for business in Korean peripheries in a unceremoniously pattern-breaking "Odd Family". They will also bite into the crew of a low-budget film production – the self-referential "One Cut of the Dead" is simultaneously a parody and a bloody tribute to the amateur, passionate filmmaking activity. Those two hits will definitely provide strong emotions and great fun.

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