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New Asian Cinema: Asian explosive mixture coming to Warsaw!

04 September 2019

Korean comedy in Keret's style, Maggie, filled with symbols Red Phallus from Bhutan, psychological horror from Singapore, Repossession, subtle Indian indie Bulbul Can Sing, and quintessencially youthfull And Your Bird Can Sing from Japan - will be presented in the New Asian Cinema competition during the 13th edition of the Five Flavours Film Festival.

The main award in the Competition will be awarded by People's Jury.

The main award in the Competition will be awarded by People's Jury - a group of amateurs and semi-professionals, whose love for cinema and Asia as well as excellent journalistic skills will allow for a professional evaluation of Competition films and selecting the winner of the Festival. Recruitment for this year's edition of People's Jury will start on 10 September and will last until 10 October.

The countdown to the next edition of the Five Flavours has started, but for all those thirsty for festival news, we are already presenting the first five titles of the Competition section.

Bhutan: Red Phallus

dir. Tashi Gyeltshen

16-year-old Sangay lives in the cloudy Phobjikha Valley in central Bhutan. The girl is stuck between the expectations of two men who do not understand her emotions and do not let her express them. Surrounded by the boundlessness of beautiful nature, she is trapped in a tight cage of traditional rules of society. Will growing frustration help her to free herself from this apparent paradise? Saturated with symbols taken from local folklore and told by tasteful, long, natural light shots, "The Red Phallus" is another triumph of Bhutan's young cinematography.

Awards and festivals: Berlin IFF 2019, Busan IFF 2018 (FIPRESCI Award), Edinburgh IFF 2019

Singapore: Repossession

dir. Ming Siu Goh, Scott Chong Hillyard

A great family, a shiny car and a beautiful three-storey apartment with a housekeeper in charge - Jim life was a real success. He may lose it, however, as he unexpectedly resigns from his well-paid corporate position. The man is gradually losing control of reality, and old, terrifying demons speak in his head. "Repossession" is an extremely evocative, urban story about the horror of expectations and the pressure of success.

Awards and festivals: Cinequest San Jose FF 2019

Indie: Bulbul Can Sing

dir. Rima Das

Fifteen-year-old Bulbul loves to sing, but her voice disappoints her when she is to perform in public. In the conservative environment of the Indian province, girlish rebellion and spontaneous sprouting talent collide with the strict rules and regulations that set the path for young women to follow. The deep, nuanced story of Bulbul and her two friends growing up captivates with its images, subtle narrative guidance and irresistible charm of young actors' talents.

Awards and festivals: Berlin IFF 2019, Mumbai FF 2018 (Best Film), Osaka Asian FF 2019 (Special Mention)

South Korea: Maggie

dir. Yi Ok-seop

In an X-ray lab, a couple play doctor, a nurse Yoon-young's boyfriend can't find a job, and craters appear in the streets of Seoul, which seems to be related to a talking catfish. The colour seductive debut of the Korean director is a bittersweet essay about trust and misunderstandings, sparkling with absurd humour, though lined with melancholy.

Awards and festivals: Osaka Asian FF 2019 (Grand Prix), Fantasia FF 2019 (Best Debut), Pusan IFF 2018 (Arthouse Award)

Japan: And Your Bird Can Sing

dir. Miyake Sho

In "And Your Bird Can Sing", the director Miyake Sho, presented at this year's Berlinale, tells in an engaging and subtle way the story of an emotional triangle of young people who cannot take life into their own hands and are afraid of getting involved in serious relationships. The melancholic mood of this superbly photographed film hides a difficult diagnosis of the condition of the adult generation of Japanese people.

Awards and festivals: Berlin IFF 2019, Tokyo IFF 2018, Kinema Junpo Awards 2019 (Best Actor)

The 13th edition of the festival will take place in Warsaw on 13-20 November. The full program of the festival will be announced in mid-October.

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The sale of passes has started on August 5th and will last until October 20th or until the pool is finished. This year we have introduced a novelty - Weekend Passes. They allow you to take part in all festival screenings in Warsaw, from 15-17 November (Friday - Sunday).


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