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30 November 2018

Radio Asia Academy – a hands-on meeting with Asian music

A workshop devoted to ritual dances and rhythms of Sri Lanka, learning Indian bhangra, a film journey with Kink Gong, and a meeting with a Japanese duo Tenniscoats – these are the off-stage events of Radio Asia Festival.

During the festival weekend, we invite you to the small stage of TR Warszawa where on Saturday, December 8, Baliphonics will lead a music workshop and RSVP Bhangra will teach energetic, Indian dances. The Sunday afternoon will bring a meeting with Tenniscoats and a screening of a film documenting the music journey of Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong) in search of dying sounds and traditions. The entrance to all events is free.

December 8-9, 2018
TR Warszawa, Marszałkowska 8
Free entrance



December 8, Saturday, 2 PM – 4 PM

A workshop devoted to drum and dance rituals from the south of Sri Lanka. An encounter with trans rites casting out the bad spirits and calling in the forces of good.

The workshop will be led by the members of Baliphonics:

Prasanna and Susantha Rupathilaka – dancers and drummers, experts in Sri Lankan drumming traditions, playing both traditional and contemporary music. They come from a musical family, their father and grandfather passed on to them the practical knowledge of the "bali" ritual, designed to cast out demons. Both brothers are members of the Sri Lankan State Dance Ensemble. Prasanna is famous for teaching the art of the traditional drums from Sri Lanka. Susantra focuses on dancing. He often performs with a group preforming Sri Lankan folk dances.

Sumudi Suraweera – jazz drummer with a PhD in ethnomusicology (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). His research focuses on drumming traditions from Sri Lanka and the "bali" rituals, which employ the sounds of drums and ecstatic dance.

The workshop is held in English.



December 8, Saturday, 4:30 PM – 6 PM

A meeting devoted to learning bhangra – an energetic dance form from Punjab. Originally, it was performed by farmers during the Waisakhi, a local celebration of spring. The modern bhangra is a mixture of Punjabi music, Indian pop, and elements of the Western rock. Bhangra is characterized by its dynamism and thrilling music. The key instrument used in bhangra is the dhol – a large Indian drum with two membranes. The dance itself requires a certain level fitness, as it is based on lots of jumping and energetic arm swinging. It brings la lot of joy and a rewarding fatigue.

The workshop is held in English.



December 9, Sunday, 3 PM – 4 PM

You won't find them on the music charts, they don't play J-pop, they don't have a manager or a website. What they do have are three successful albums, hundreds of thrilling concerts, collaborations with the most notorious members of the alternative scene in Japan, and thousands of devoted fans at home and abroad. We invite you for a talk with the Japanese duo, during which they will discuss their peculiar career path, experiences in the field of publishing, and talk about enjoying an active musical life, while still remaining in the niche.



Small Path Music, dir. David A. Harris, China 2013, 56’
December 9, Sunday, 4:30 PM – 6 PM

Small Path Music was shot on location in Southeast Asia in 2010 with Laurent Jeanneau on his relentless quest to capture audio recordings of vanishing indigenous music from ethnic groups of this vast region. The documentary (shot over a period of 8 months) takes us traveling with Laurent in the field through remote northern Laos and Yunnan Province of Southwest China and invites us into the world of the folk artists he explores. From shamanic rituals to love songs, historical epics to lamentations, his microphones document what he discovers there. Laurent tells us of the state he finds these artists in today, how this music speaks to him, and we learn what drives the urgency of his work. As perhaps the most committed and accomplished procurer of rare and threatened music from this part of the world, Laurent recounts experiences from a decade of recording in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China and we gauge his perspective on the musical traditions of the area. We see how he relates to them and how his work has led his life in new directions. Along this journey he met his wife, Tanding and together they established a recording label (Kink Gong) to release their field recordings.




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