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Guests of the 12th Five Flavours AFF

30 October 2018
Nam Ron

Independent Asian cinema film directors, the screenwriter of the "Ip Man" series, and three leading filmmakers from Malaysia.

At the 12th Five Flavours AFF, the audiences will have a chance to meet filmmakers who, during the Q&A sessions, additional meetings, and extended discussions, will talk about their creative processes, Asian film industry, the context in which their films were made, and the topics they raise.

The meetings will accompany several screenings of the New Asian Cinema section. One of the visiting filmmakers will be Yang Mingming, the director of "Girls Always Happy" from China, who will share her views on the Chinese film community, generational differences, the changing social status of women, and many other phenomena. Leon Le, the creator of "Song Lang," will expand on the production process of the film, shedding light on the context of the story and the LGBTQI narration in Vietnam. Derek Chiu, the director of "No. 1 Chung Ying Street" from Hong Kong, will talk about the past and present condition of his home city, and how the people of Hong Kong strive to achieve autonomy and take over the control over their fate through collaboration with external authorities.

Nam Ron and Bront Palarae, the creators of "Crossroads: One, two, Jaga" from Malaysia, will talk about the wider context of economic migration in Southeast Asia, and share the thoughts and experiences they accumulated through the many years they spent working in the Malay film industry.

Another guest of the Festival is Chan Tai-lee, a screenwriter from Hong Kong, the creator of the "Ip Man" series, whose directorial debut, "Tomorrow Is Another Day" is presented in the Asian Cinerama section. The intimate family drama, set among the Hong Kong lower-middle class, focuses on a strong female character, faced with the daily obstacles of caring for her adult autistic son. The film, rooted in social realism, includes the brilliant performances by Teresa Mo, the star of Hong Kong cinema of the 1990s, and Ling Man-lung, in his acting debut. Chan Tai-lee will share his views on working with actors, and on the situation of people with autism and their families in Hong Kong.

Returning to the festival is one of Five Flavours' audiences favorites, director Dain Said, whose "Bunohan" and "Interchange" were presented in the New Asian Cinema section at the previous editions of the Festival. This year, the Malay filmmaker will present his debut "Dukun," which has been finished 12 years ago, but has only recently been allowed to be screened in cinemas. The film is featured in the Special Screenings section.

During a special Close Encounters meeting, three independent Malay filmmakers, Nam Ron, Bront Palarae, and Dain Said will be talking about this year's changes in the country's politics, the directions taken by auteur and genre cinema, and new outlooks on the expansion and diversification of film industry in Malaysia.

As part of the Asian Academy cycle, one of this year's guests, Kiki Fung – the selectioner of the Hong Kong IFF, and an experienced curator of film events in Brisbane, Australia, will give a lecture entitled "Creative Fusion: Co-productions between China and Hong Kong." Her talk will focus the cooperation between Hong Kong commercial film market and the fast-growing Chinese entertainment industry.

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