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29 September 2014

Made in HK. Films from Hong Kong at Five Flavours

"The Golden Era" star - Tang Wei

Ann Hui's epic "The Golden Era," the bloody "Rigor Mortis" by Juno Mak, the return of Johnnie To and Jiang Wen's stunning "Let the Bullets Fly".

The ever-illuminated city where East meets West, and tradition goes hand in hand with technology. A modern capital of global finances and one of the most crowded places in the world. A fascinating concrete jungle, which looks remarkably photogenic on film reel – there will be no shortage of pictures from Hong Kong at the 8th Five Flavours Film Festival.

Special Event: The Golden Era (2014, dir. Ann Hui)

One of the highlights of this edition is a special screening of the Oscar candidate from Hong Kong, Ann Hui's "The Golden Era." The director's "A Simple Life" was the opening film of the previous edition of the Festival. Her latest film, shown at the festival in Venice this year, is a biography of Xiao Hong – an outstandingly talented writer who, despite the political expectations, focuses on her inner world, which puts her in a marginal position. It is also a colorful socio-historical fresco of the 1920s and 30s, the time of the second Chinese Civil War, with Hong and other prominent Chinese literary figures as protagonists. The writer is played by a Chinese actress, Tan Wei, remembered for her debut in Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution."

Asian Western: Let the Bullets Fly (2010, dir. Jiang Wen)

Chinese filmmakers often use the help of their more experienced colleagues from Hong Kong. "Let the Bullets Fly" proves their cooperation can bring superb results. China, the restless 1920s. Zhang, a leader of a gang, becomes a mayor in a town which for years has been terrorized by the unscrupulous Huang (the remarkable Chow Yun-Fat). The two Machiavellian minds will fight a ruthless battle for honor and power. The brilliant dialogues and a precise, intelligent script are the great advantages of this auteur production directed by Jiang Wen, winner of the Cannes Grand Prix for "Devils on the Doorstep" (2000).

Let the Bullets Fly
Let the Bullets Fly, dir. Jiang Wen

The Return of Johnnie To: Exiled (2006, dir. Johnnie To)

Johnnie To, whose retrospective was a highlight of last year's edition of the Festival, is one of the most prominent world genre filmmakers. In the Wild Wild East section of the 8th Five Flavours, we present his gangster western "Exiled," with all the director's favorite actors in the cast. The film has all the best features of the Johnnie To's cinema – an emotional plot, the stylized shootout sequences, and a true male friendship.

Exiled, dir. Johnnie To

Best short features: Fresh Wave

For the second time, Five Flavours presents a set of the best short features made by the youngest generation of filmmakers from the Fragrant Harbor. The films were chosen from among the laureates of the Fresh Wave project, organized since 2005 under the wings of Johnnie To and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Five short features made it to the program - "The Killers" (dir. Lo Wai-lun), "Reparation" (dir. Ma Man-nang), "Mirari" (dir. Wong Chi-wai), "Guilty" (dir. Wan King-fai) and "Mrs Pong" (dir. Ho Cheuk-tin). The screening is a great opportunity to see the works of talented young artists, who soon enough will be creating the new history of cinema.

A treat for Horror fans: Rigor Mortis (2013, dir. Juno Mak)

The admirers of the even more extreme sensations will enjoy the screening of Juno Mak's "Rigor Mortis," a film which brilliantly joins two Asian genres – the convention of vampire film, and J-horror. A gloomy skyscraper. A haunted apartment. Dark magic. Someone brings a vampire to life. "Rigor Mortis," in which digital effects coexist peacefully with Taoist magic, is an elegy about passing and about death as the inevitable element of human life.

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office is the partner of the screenings.

Rigor Mortis
Rigor Mortis, dir. Juno Mak

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